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Crooked Dice: Neue 7TV Edition

Crooked Dice zeigen Neuheiten auf Facebook.

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NEW RELEASES+++ You can now purchase the revised second edition 288 page hardback 7TV Core Rulebook and all its accessories from the webstore!
Items are now at full retail price with many accessories available as both single items and as bundled packs for a discount. This includes the Tokens & Templates Pack, and the Accessory Cards Pack.
The Accessory Card Pack also includes the Grimoires that were not unlocked during the kickstarter – but again these are available individually for players should they want them.
We also have some of the miniature releases available from the campaign including the Legendary Director, Camera Operator, Floor Manager and Boom Operator! Plus you can also pick up the Maguffin Tokens previously only available in our old boxed sets.
Thanks to everyone who helped fund this via kickstarter – we are hugely appreciative and hope you are enjoying your rewards.

Das Regelbuch kostet 35,00 GBP, als PDF 10,00 GBP.

Quelle: Crooked Dice auf Facebook


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