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Conquest: Sorcerer Kings als 8. Fraktion

Die Abstimmung zum Project 8 ist beendet.

Para Bellum COnquest Project 8 Sorcerer Kings

Your Project 8 winner.

The Living World will resume on February 10

Und so soll die neue Fraktion aussehen:

Para Bellum COnquest Project 8 Sorcerer Kings 2


Medium Cavalry Character. A Khan is a tribal leader. Often appointed by their predecessor ensuring some dynastic influence exists, Khans must be confirmed by the Noyan of his tribe, meaning that while all Khans must excel in warfare, for that is the bread and butter of life among the great steppes of Mahdaar, a certain level of cunning and diplomacy is needed as well.

Monghal Warrior

Light Cavalry. Tempered in the endless conflicts and raids on the endless steppes of Mahdaar, Monghal Warriors equipment and discipline have been tempered and refined by generations of combat. Equally proficient with the bow and the lance, Monghal Warriors nonetheless favor the bow above all.  The real secret behind their success, however, is the discipline and militarized tribal culture they have been steeped in. Looking upon the Monghal Warrior, one might see barbarism and a lack of sophistication. They would not live to make the same mistake twice.

Noyan Warrior

Medium Cavalry. While Monghal Warriors have been known to shatter entire enemy armies with their withering hails of arrows, the Noyan nobility of the tribes are responsible for delivering the killing blow upon the enemies’ center. Eschewing the light arms and armor of the lighter troops, Noyan warriors bear lances upon armored horses, their almost preternatural bond with their mounts allowing them to launch devastating attacks wherever the Monghal Warriors have created an opportunity.

Lodge of the Ox

Heavy Brute Cavalry. Once confined to the frozen heights of the Atlayan Mountains, the warrior Lodge of the Ox broke its centuries of isolationism to ride beneath the banner of the Clan of One. Heavily armored and mounted on their sturdy musk oxen, their deadly skill with the ritual horn tipped lances are almost an afterthought. Unlike horses, these totem bonded oxen are more than willing to hurl themselves into a tightly packed formation at the behest of their master, using their bulk and thunderous impact to shatter even the most formidable formation. Were it no for their modest speed and range, they would dominate the battlefield.

Lodge of the Tiger

Medium Brute Cavalry. Such is the terrifying reputation this warrior lodge has earned upon countless battlefields that they have become closely associated with the Asura of legend, branded as devil worshipers and man eaters. Nothing could be further from the truth, for this ascetic lodge devotes itself to the mastery of their weapon and their mount to the exclusion of all else, marching to battle only under the command of their enigmatic gurus.

Lodge of the Wolf

Light Brute Cavalry. The lodge of the wolf is perhaps the most well known and trusted of the sacred warrior lodges. Their adherents roam the entire steppe, claiming no land or herd for themselves but what their totem mounts must hunt to survive, but acknowledging no suzerainty or sovereign among mortal leaders. Closest in warrior ethos to the Tribes, they often ride to their aid even when not requested, falling upon their foe’s rear and nipping at his sides with a skill and ferocity even hardened Monghal Warriors envy.


Heavy Infantry Character. Maharajas are the Elemental Court appointed rulers of the Enclaves. Selected from among the Raj, they are also inducted into the lesser secrets of the Magi, being granted their own bonds, and elevating them above the mortals that they rule. They are nonetheless expected to rule evenly and fairly, their every action watched for a lack of virtue or skill by their enemies among the Raj who covet their position and power.


Medium Infantry/Cavalry Character. The Raj are the true wielders of temporal power in the Enclaves. While the Maharaja is bogged in dealing with matters of divine right and the Elemental courts it is the Raj who rule the day to day bustle of the cities and who are its front line of defense. Armed, trained and equipped to the best of their vast wealth and influence, they are a powerful force on the field, galvanizing their troops and shoring up the lines wherever it is needed.

Janluk Infantry

Medium Infantry. Originaly slave-soldiers bound to fight for the Sorcerer Kings, the Janluk have long since surpassed their humble origins. They are now amongst the most influential castes in the rigidly regimented society of the Enclaves due to their role in protecting the vulnerable Magi when they take to the field. Heavily armed but relatively lightly armored, these soldier elites eschew the weight of full plate armor, depending instead on ferocious discipline and unquenchable morale to carry the day.

Ghorab Levies

Light Infantry. While the Janluk bear the brunt of the duty in defending the Enclaves and their interests, it is ultimately the Ghorab Levies that form the bulk of the Enclaves forces, even if they only represent a fraction of its combat power. Well-armed and equipped, the Ghorab can be counted on to acquit themselves well on the field of battle, even without special training.

Rajahi Cavalry

Heavy Cavalry. The Rajahi are the only force, aside from the Gajahdar, who can match the ferocity of the Tribes in open combat. While perhaps lacking the sheer savagery and speed of their traditional opponents, the impeccable breeding of their steeds, coupled with the priceless heirloom armor they don, make these cavalrymen nigh impervious to harm and mobile enough to respond where needs dictate.


Heavy Monster. While elephants only survived the cataclysm of the Fall due to a small herd of them being part of one of the menageries of Capitas that was saved in the original exodus, the animals were so critical in the rebuilding and defense efforts of the Enclaves that they have come to hold a central position in both the civic and military life of the Enclaves. Those who ride these massive beasts, for centuries of careful breeding have produced titans amongst the placid pachyderms, are termed Gajadhars (or Mahouts depending of the Enclave in question) and hold positions of tremendous prestige in their society, so critical is their role in battle. Caparisoned in the finest silks and tempered steel, these behemoths have been known to shatter Monghal charges and trample entire battle lines into the dust.

Dhanurveda Archers

Medium Infantry. Perhaps no other society exalts the role of the bow in combat as do the realms of the Sorcerer Kings. Entire tracts of verse and poetry in their most sacred texts have been devoted to the perfection and mastery of the bow, for this was the main manner in which the original refugees were able to fend for themselves while the Sorcerer Kings reshaped the very earth to accommodate them. Today a handful among the Raj and Jamluk caste dedicate themselves exclusively to the art of the bow, aiming to become like the weapons saints of old, raining death on their foes with unerring volleys of blazing arrows.


Medium Infantry/Brute Character. The death of the last Sorcerer King of Fire at the hands of the Clan of One shattered a social order that had existed more or less unchanged since the Fall. The awakening of the true Sorcerer Kings changed both the orders and the land itself. One of the most consequential of these changes was the appointment of a Samrat, an Emperor, who would rule all the lands with the blessings of the four Sorcerer Kings, unifying the disparate lands of the Sorcerer Kings into a cohesive force for the first time in centuries.

High Magos

Medium Infantry Character. In many ways, some would argue most, the Magi are the beating heart of the Elemental Courts, and thus the realm of the Sorcerer Kings. Gifted beyond mortal limits by their bond to an elemental partner, the magic that these individuals wield beggars any but the most puissant of Dweghom sorcerers. Their presence on the battlefield is needed to keep the unruly, malicious, and just plain curious Elementals in check even as they blast enemy forces to smithereens while empowering allied formations.


Medium Brute. Efreet are among the most fractious and demanding of Elemental spirits awakened by the Sorcerer Kings. While the Magi are still trying to understand how the Efreet and other greater spirits could evolve such complex social structures so quickly after their awakening, they have nonetheless resigned themselves to dealing with the realities of these complex fire spirits. Their lust for chaos and mischief is nowhere so evident as when they soar across the battlefield, sowing chaos and confusion among the enemy troops with a barrage of elemental strikes and mirages, before descending to finish off the weakened foe with their incandescent scimitars.


Medium Monster. Djinn are the greatest Elemental spirit that can still manifest a corporeal form. Much like efreet, but even more pronounced, their physical form can barely contain their latent power. It is little surprise that these aloof creatures have so quickly spawned legends around their ability to grant wishes, so great is their power. When they can be cajoled to descend upon the field of battle it is seldom for a long time, their attention invariably wandering as they lay waste to the enemy forces, almost as an afterthought.


Medium Infantry. Although by far the weakest of the Elemental spirits brought forth in battle, Ghols nonetheless are the ones that trouble the Magi the most. The dark shades burn with the weight of their sins, their souls or psyche somehow having imprinted itself on the elemental realm, corrupting that once pristine realm with their darkness. The very idea of deploying these beings in battle was first seen as an easy way to contain their spread, for alone amongst the elemental spirits they seem eager, almost gleeful to take mortal form and spread chaos and ruin before they are put down.


Heavy Monster. Amongst the Deva, the dark spirits that have bedeviled mankind since time immemorial, the Rakshasa bear the dubious distinction of being the greatest spirits that can yet be bound. The rituals to do so are hellishly complex and require frightful mastery of the arts. One of the easiest ways to reduce the complexity of these rituals is to include exceptions or loopholes that allow the Rakshasa to vent its dark desires… The battlefield is often seen as the best place to let these dark spirits vent decades or centuries of accumulated spite.

Maharathi Sorcerers Saints

Heavy Brute Cavalry. Amongst the Magi there exist an order of warrior sorcerers dedicated to the elimination of evil in its most primordial forms. Focusing only on a narrow application of their sorcerous powers and devoting the rest of their time to martial pursuits, the Maharathi Sorcerer Saints represent the pinnacle of martial prowess in the Elemental Courts dedicated to hunting down the greatest dangers. Whether that be a corrupted Magos, an errant Deva or some dark entity of Primordial Destruction, the Maharathi Sorcerers are always at the forefront of the conflict, shielding mankind with their deadly skill and selfless sacrifice.

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  • Ok, der Zeitplan irritiert mich jetzt schon ein wenig. Die Abstimmung ist gerade beendet und die Fraktion ist quasi schon fertig und erscheint in 9 Tagen? Hatten die 3 fertige Fraktionen in der Schublade und 1 wird nun released und die anderen beiden landen im Mülleimer?

      • Also bei der Abstimmung stand ganz klar, dass es nur Platz 1 geben wird. Platz 2 und 3 werden nicht Fraktion 9 und 10. Aber man die bei allen 3 Fraktionen wirklich so weit sind, wäre dies natürlich dämlich…

    • Dass die entsprechende Seite „resumed“ würde ich nicht als VÖ Datum interpretieren. Schätze eher da kommen sie mit mehr Konzepten und Plänen um die Ecke.

      • @Element:
        Ich habe das eher so verstanden, dass diese Umfrage nur die 8. Armee bestimmt und das Platz 2 nicht die 9. wird.
        Nicht das es nur diese Armee ins Spiel schaffen wird.
        Die 7. Armee war ja auch eine Auswahl aus dem Projekt 6.

        Es wär doch auch irgendwie bescheuert ganze Konzepte über den Haufen zu werden.

        Vielleicht kommt als nächstes dann die dritte Auswahl aus dem Projekt 6.

        Mit dem Render kann ich wenig anfangen, aber die Zeichnungen sehen gut aus. Osmanisch/Mongolisch?

  • Hört sich sehr interessant an, wie die andere neue Sachen da (untote Römer, mythische Griechen). Leider ist es zu teuer, zu groß bemaßt und keine Spieler in meine Umgebung.
    Ich habe natürlich auch zu viele andere Systeme, aber die Figuren könnte ich schon mal nutzen. Wenn die passen würden…

  • Wenn die da indischen Flair einfangen wäre ich sowas von dabei. Einige Namen erinnern zumindest sehr daran. Indische Miniaturen bzw inspirierte Kulturen fehlen mir häufig in vielen Spielen.

  • Freu mich, Spiel ist super und mehr Fraktionen schaden, die es diverser und interessanter machen, schaden ja auch nicht. 🙂

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