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Conquest: Project 8

Para Bellum Wargames lassen die Community über ihre nächste Fraktion abstimmen.

PB Conquest Project 8

Project 8 is a very special Living World event, running from December 26th 2022 to January 27th 2023. During that time, unlike the usual multiple characters and decisions, the Living World will ask only one, VERY important question:

Which will the eighth Faction of Conquest be?

The result, decided by the Conquest Community, will determine which faction will be released in 2024.

Can I participate?

While depending on your Account Rank you could have an increased number of votes, you do not need to be a long-time user of the Living World to participate in Project 8! The only thing you need is to a be registered user of our website. After registering and logging in with your account, visit here and click on the different Faction banners on the map – which will be available from December 26th. Consider your options and then vote! That’s it!

What are our options?

As it was with Project 6, there are three available options in Project 8 (working titles):

PB Conquest Project 8 1

  • Sellswords/Dogs of War

Grab your sword and sell it to the highest bidder; versatility and diversity are the name of the game for this multi-faction army of sellswords, ready to offer their violent services to the highest bidder. Cross-faction play becomes an option, while new options/entries for existing factions will become available, as the Dogs of War have no qualms in hiring anyone worth their salt and working for anyone with deep enough pockets.

PB Conquest Project 8 2

  • Sorcerer Kings

God-killers. Masters of Elements. Founders of not mere kingdoms but of an entire continent and its civilization. Once members of an elite cabal of practitioners of the Old Dominion who drunk hastily into the power left behind by the Anathematic, the Sorcerer Kings eagerly shift in their elemental thrones as the winds of fortune change, inviting them home…

PB Conquest Project 8 3

  • Hel

There is more in the bowels of Eä than dark tunnels and darkness. There, in the endless corridors beneath Yggdrasil, there are those who remember what the whole world has forgotten, what the whole world has forgiven: the crimes of the Dweghom against the Dragons and Crafters. But those that survived their genocidal madness remember everything and they have forgiven nothing. Soon, the whole world will suffer as they did.

How will this work?

Voting will take place in 3 rounds:

  • Round 1: Faction Overview, Stylistic Influences and Playstyle – Starts Dec. 26 ends Jan. 13.
  • Round 2: Faction Teaser 3D Sculpts, Art Leaks – Starts Jan. 13th ends Jan. 20th.
  • Round 3: Full Faction Writeup and Art- Starts Jan. 20th ends Jan. 27th.


No points for second place!

It doesn’t matter who is second, so cast your votes with care! As the name implies, Project 8 decides only the release of the eighth faction of Conquest! Nothing more!

Wait. What is the Living World?

The Living World is an interactive way for the player base of Conquest to influence the narrative of the lore. It is an interactive map platform, where the Community votes on both minor and major decisions of specific characters in a bi-weekly basis. Guiding characters and events, the community forges Conquest’s history while earning unique rewards through our Account Rank System.

At times, Special Events take over the usual Living World platform, offering new and exciting choices, focusing on a specific event of history or heralding ‘meta’ choices that affect the game itself. Much like Project 6 decided the release of the Old Dominion after our first five factions, Project 8 calls upon the Community once more in order to decide which faction will follow the City States.

What do I do?

On the 26th of December and every Friday after that, your votes will be renewed – so you will have the chance to vote twice during the first round and once every round after that. The vote total for each faction will be reset at the beginning of each round, when we will also release new information on all three factions. As you discover new things about your choices, you might see your preferences shift along the way…

That’s it! We can’t wait to see what you choose! The future of Conquest await!

Your voice matters. Your choices shape the world. Your actions are rewarded.

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  • Ok, einmal alle bitte! Es ist toll, dass das Spiel immer weiter geht und inzwischen ne riesige Palette an Völkern bietet.
    Freue mich schon auf meine City States.

    • Ich finde das auch NUR GEIL das PB die community so stark mit einbindet das sogar über die nächsten Fraktionen abgestimmt werden.

      Und ja City states triggern mich leider auch hart aber brauch ich eine dritte Fraktion?


  • Irgendiwe kitzelt es immer mehr da ein zu steigen! Der Suchtzug nach Plasticrack wird immer größer!

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