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Carnevale: Neuheiten

TTCombat haben zwei neue Boxen für Carnevale im Shop.

Carnevale Lunarcongrebox 01 Carnevale Lunarcongrebox 07 Carnevale Lunarcongrebox 06 Carnevale Lunarcongrebox 05 Carnevale Lunarcongrebox 04 Carnevale Lunarcongrebox 03 Carnevale Lunarcongrebox 02


Vlad Dracula isn’t the only one interested in testing the limits of the Strigoi. The Romani have myths, legends, and monsters of their own to add to the forces of the Strigoi.

Varcolac was once only a creature spoken about in hushed tones. A gypsy curse that is rarely, if ever, invoked. Now in Venice, the Romani have many against which to ply this curse. Ensnared by the will of the Romani and the full moon, these unfortunate souls are transformed and brought to bear against the foes of the Strigoi.

Escalating the violence of even the Varcolac, the Moon Eater is a step beyond. The Moon Eater is warded with magical runesand totems as it warps its own flesh, twisting it inside out to reveal an empowered beast within.

The Al Naibii is an unfortunate Romani that has been gifted the Blood Kiss. Their conversion into a vampire is delayed as long as possible with scripture and magical wards, in the hopes that they retain their humanity afterwards. The Romani follows these unfortunate souls, observers to the slaughter with a modicum of magical power.

Contains 5 resin miniatures and 5 plastic bases. Cobblestone bases pictured not included.

Carnevale Daughterbox 01 Carnevale Daughterbox 02 Carnevale Daughterbox 03 Carnevale Daughterbox 04 Carnevale Daughterbox 05 Carnevale Daughterbox 06 Carnevale Daughterbox 07 Carnevale Daughterbox 08


Mother Hydra is a lesser worshipped deity by those that ally with the Rashaar, though those that do are often blessed by her gifts.

Infant Kraken are the most diminutive of her servants, no larger than a squid, these small creatures are insignificant on their own, but gain strength in numbers.

Devotees of Mother Hydra may develop feelings of attachment to Infant Kraken, taking care of them as they would their own child. These Wet Nurses follow their self imposed charges, attempting to keep them safe from harm while providing words of encouragement.

Some gifts of the Hydra are fatal, those that have become Krakenhosts are doomed to be consumed by their writhing hitch-hikers. These bloated hosts retch up Infant Kraken, wounding themselves in the process, even in death the Infant Kraken can burst forth from their host.

Contains 6 resin miniatures and 6 plastic bases. Cobblestone bases pictured not included.

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    • Ich verstehe bis heute nicht, warum TTC das spiel nicht plakativer im Cthulhu-Mythos verortet. Rechtliche Probleme sollte es da doch nicht geben, oder?

      Wobei es mir persönlich gut gefällt wie es ist, aber man könnte schon etwas aufmerksamkeit damit bekommen.

      • Rechtliche Probleme gibt’s da tatsächlich nicht. Ich kann nur mutmaßen, dass sie aber mehr Freiheit wollen, als ihnen ein vorgegebenes Szenario bieten würde – zwar ist der Cthulhu Mythos recht frei, aber es gibt immer mehr Fans, die sich da viel zu sehr festlegen.
        So hat man den Vibe, aber man braucht sich mit keiner Lore rumschlagen. Hinzu kommt, dass man auch keinen Ballast durch Lovecrafts Ansichten ins eigene Szenario mitschleppt.

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