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Carnevale: Neuheiten

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After capturing various Rashaar creatures from the depths of the Venetian canals, they are gifted with the Blood Kiss. The Bloated Rotters and the Leeches are cultivated in the Growing Grounds, checked on and pulled to the surface by the ferryman when they’re properly matured. In battle, Vlad uses these beasts as nothing more than fodder, knowing that these monstrosities are bred purely for chaotic slaughter, nothing more.

A Ferryman leads fourth the undead creatures from the depths of the canals of Venice. One of these monstrosities is the Leech, the gapping maw bares a thousand teeth that will drain the life out of any who can caught in it’s bite.

Following closely is the Rotters, these festering Rashaar will power through the water and lunge at the enemy in a berserk frenzy, however there bodies cannot withstand the rot that is eating away from their inside.

Contains 5 resin miniatures and 5 plastic bases. Cobblestone bases pictured not included.

CorpseGondola1backgrounded CorpseGondola2backgrounded


„Once the job is done, put them in the boat, let them float out to sea where they will never be found again“

An ideal transport for a strigoi, always carrying a light snack .

They also make perfect arenas to duel other Carnevale characters in 1 v 1 combat.

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