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Bombshell Miniatures: Preview

Bombshell Miniatures zeigen auf Facebook ein Preview einiger kommender Miniaturen für Counterblast.


Back in the saddle! I rarely get to art anymore. Here is a sketch for a painting of the Azhro bird for the Neiran faction of Counterblast. This is destined for digital paint next as soon as I can scan it.

Bombshellminis2 Bombshellminis3 Bombshellminis4

I have been buried under some client work that went neglected over the holidays for various reasons. But, there are lots of new things in the queue. I dug these sketches of the Neiran Vizier and Merchant out of the archive and will be adapting these to fit in with the existing Ambassador sculpt. These will be released as a set of three models. As of now we’re debating the best production route, but they may be direct 3D resin prints. We will keep you posted.

Bombshellminis5 Bombshellminis6 Bombshellminis7

Iconic Illyrian Male Scout. This model will be part of the upcoming
Counterblast for Savage Worlds RPG Kickstarter.

Spielt gerade sehr gerne Warhammer Underworlds und vergrößert außerdem seine AoS-Chaosarmee. Kauft ansonsten zu viele Miniaturen aller Art, um sie dem Backlog hinzuzufügen.

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