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Blood Bowl: Vampir Starspieler Trio

Gleich im Dreierpack treten diese neuen Starspieler aus ihren lichtlosen Grüften auf das Grün der Blood Bowl Stadien der Alten Welt.

Cut Your Teeth on the New Vampire Star Players

The next team to hit the astrogranite with a terrifying crunch are the Drakfang Thirsters, an imperious team of Vampires bringing bloodthirst to Blood Bowl.

The much expanded Vampire side still relies on Thralls as the lifeblood of the team, but now there are positionals, including Runners, Throwers, and Blitzers – each one a paragon of skill, strength, and agility. But what if you need to add a bit more bite?

Turn to the Vargheist.

Forge World Cut Your Teeth On The New Vampire Star Players 1

This batty brute is a nasty addition to any Vampire team – with its high Strength and Frenzy, it’s guaranteed to be going for the jugular. Just be careful not to fall foul of its Bloodlust (3+) – your thralls are really going to have their work cut out for them…

The Vampires are also getting two Star Players, available to play for any Sylvanian Spotlight teams. The first of these is newcomer to Blood Bowl – ‘Captain’ Karina von Riesz.

Forge World Cut Your Teeth On The New Vampire Star Players 2

The good Captain can Dodge, weave, and Jump Up, making her a frightening scoring threat at MA 7. She can also treat an opponent as her own Thrall once per game for satisfying her Bloodlust – turning the Vampires’ main weakness into a massive bonus.

Forge World Cut Your Teeth On The New Vampire Star Players 3

Our final entrant into the Crypt of Fame today is a perennial favourite, Count Luthor von Drakenborg, who earns his first new miniature in 20 years!

Forge World Cut Your Teeth On The New Vampire Star Players 4

A bona fide Blood Bowl superstar, the Count is so stupendous he isn’t even subject to Bloodlust. He’s quick, he’s strong, he’s agile, and with Block and Sidestep, he’s staying in the fray. And just for good measure, his special rule grants you an extra team re-roll.

Forge World Cut Your Teeth On The New Vampire Star Players 5

These three are all made of resin, and will be available from Forge World very soon, alongside the rest of the Vampire team and their paraphernalia. We’ll let you know about the release date as soon as we get it.

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  • Ich freue mich… Es sieht so aus, als ob die in rund 17 Tagen in den Läden stehen. Count Drakenborg finde ich verdammt lustig/cool und noch einen weiteren Grundtyp von den Vampiren gefällt mir ebenso.

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