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Batman Miniature Game: Ten Eyed Man

Knight Models haben eine Vorschau auf eine neue Miniatur für das Batman Miniatures Game veröffentlicht.

This month a new villain from the Batman universe arrives at Batman Miniature Game. We are talking about Ten-Eyed Man.


Ten-Eyed Man is a villain from the Batman universe capable of seeing through his fingers and his first appearance was in Batman #226 (1970).

Ten-Eyed Man is Phillip Reardon, a war veteran who was discharged after a grenade fragment hit him between the eyes. When this misfortune occurred, he returned to civilian life as a security guard, but another incident hit him again.

Some thieves knocked him out to plant a bomb in his workplace. Batman came to help, but Reardon, seeing poorly, mistook him for one of the thieves and confronted him. In the middle of this fight he recognized Batman, but it was too late, the bomb exploded and Reardon’s retinas were burned and he lost his sight permanently.

Despite this, Reardon could recover his vision. Dr. Engstrom reconnected his optic nerves to his fingertips. Now he could see through it. The vision of him became an extraordinary skill that he would use to get revenge for what happened under the name of Ten-Eyed Man.

Now he has improved vision. He can see through all of his fingers and have 360-degree vision. Also, thanks to his military training, he is an expert in armed and unarmed combat. These two abilities complement each other perfectly creating a dangerous and capable villain.


With these skills, Ten-Eyed Man was hired to do dirty jobs, but who he really wanted to find was Batman. Reardon blames Batman for his misfortunes so he is the first on his path to revenge, but despite his incredible abilities he is unable to defeat him. He ended up imprisoned in a cell with the special protection of keeping his hands in a box so he couldn’t use his incredible vision to escape the place.


For the design of Ten-Eyed Man at Batman Miniature Game we have tried to represent his military training as an elite marksman and his superior vision ability thanks to his 10 eyes.

Ten-Eyed Man comes equipped with an automatic gun with a good rate of fire. His life as a military man allows him to have “Good Aim” and “Rapid Fire”.

In addition, his eyes give him the „Super Sight“ rule with which he will ignore the effect of blindness and once every round he will be able to make 3 free efforts.

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