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Warmachine: Previews für März

Privateer Press haben einige Neuheiten des kommenden Jahres vorgestellt.

PiP Warmachine März 2023 1

WARMACHINE – AC-2 Bison – Khador 80mm Solo (Resin) – MSRP: $74.99
Another marvel of modern Khadoran engineering, the Bison is a rugged railless combat vehicle. Powered by a fearsome steam engine, the tracked machine can tear across any terrain. Though slower than most heavy cavalry, the Bison offers its operators unparalleled protection and the Winter Korps tremendous tactical flexibility. The AC-2 Bison is armed with a pair of powerful auto cannons. Even the Bison’s sheer size and weight, however, can function as a weapon on the battlefield. Any foe unwilling to move aside can simply be plowed over. (Extra Large 80mm Base)

PiP Warmachine März 2023 2

WARMACHINE – Siege Tarask – Orgoth 80mm Solo (Resin) – MSRP: $69.99
Hulking brutes hailing from the broken homelands of the Orgoth, the taraskadons are believed to be distant cousins of eastern Immoren’s fearsome titans. Larger and even more physically powerful than their Immorese relations, these creatures are trained for war. Crewed by a single rider adept at harnessing the taraskadon’s innate rage, these beasts are transformed into fearsome siege tarasks, savage instruments of war. (Extra Large 80mm Base)

PiP Warmachine März 2023 3

WARMACHINE – Zephyr – Cygnar 80mm Solo (Resin) – MSRP: $64.99
Though somewhat archaic in appearance at the vanguard of Cygnar’s Storm Legions, the horse-drawn Zephyr is truly the eye of the storm. With a battle-hardened Legionnaire whipping powerful Voltaic Javelins into the ranks of the enemy, lightning crackles from the Zephyr, devastating every enemy within reach. (Extra Large 80mm Base)

PiP Warmachine März 2023 4

Nightmare Empire Miniatures Set (plastic)MSRP: $19.99
This Miniatures Set includes each of four significant NPCs and villains showcased in the Tales from the Blackwater Cantina adventure! These four highly detailed miniatures are cast in durable plastic and are the perfect supplement for your Tales from the Blackwater Cantina adventure and can also be used as unique antagonist or player miniatures.
  • 1 Gaddis Naill, Sea Witch
  • 1 Dovan Mangutter, blighted Trollkin pirate
  • 1 Captain Dain, human pirate
  • 1 Iron Lich Tiberia

PiP Warmachine März 2023 5

Tales from the Blackwater Cantina (book)MSRP: $19.99
Muster a crew and set sail for adventure in the Nightmare Empire! Prepare to lead a band of daring sea dogs through four different adventures, each set in an iconic location of the Dragonfather’s domain. Players will go from outrunning the gangs of the pirate haven of Blackwater to finding themselves caught up in the web of the Lich Lords by the time they’ve completed all four adventures in this volume, which offers scenarios for every level of play!
  • Four unique adventures set in the Nightmare Empire
  • Each adventure is designed for a different tier of play
  • Explore four iconic locations in the Nightmare Empire through play
  • Adventures can be played as stand-alone or can be strung together for an epic campaign of piracy, treachery, and the undead

PiP Warmachine März 2023 6

Scoundrel’s Guide to the Scharde Islands (book)MSRP: $39.99
The Scoundrel’s Guide is an inside look at the perils and opportunities waiting in the Scharde Islands and the Nightmare Empire. Presented by notorious pirate—we mean privateer—Bartolo “Broadsides Bart” Montador and his associates, The Scoundrel’s Guide gives GMs a toolbox of options for their players to fight on the high seas, delve into the rugged islands in search of treasure and adventure, and battle some of the most horrifying monsters to ever crawl out of the blighted seas of the Nightmare Empire.
  • Over 120 pages of content expanding the rules of Iron Kingdoms: Requiem
  • A new set of rules guiding ship-to-ship combat on the high seas
  • Advice and rules for crafting adventures set in the Scharde Islands
  • Dozens of new and nefarious magic items unique to the undead lands of the Nightmare Empire
  • All new monsters to challenge your players

PiP Warmachine März 2023 7

Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game
Iron Kingdoms: Requiem – Nightmare Empire (book)
MSRP: $49.99
Nightmare Empire and its companion books cast a spyglass on the Scharde Islands and Cryx. This massive archipelago contains numerous islands inhabited by unscrupulous pirates, bold seafarers, and the ranks of the undead. Nightmare Empire expands the setting of Iron Kingdoms: Requiem with a comprehensive region to explore, one with its own stories, intrigue, and perils for characters to experience while traveling the high seas. If you’ve ever wanted to cross swords with legions of machine-enhanced undead on the deck of a warship, longed to play as a wraith who wields a pair of pistols, or sought to command a black-iron hulled war machine, Nightmare Empire is the book for you.
  • For the first time, IKRPG players will be able to step into the shoes of the inhabitants of Cryx and the Scharde Islands.
  • Nightmare Empire offers detailed information about the island nation and a look inside daily life in the shadow of the Dragonfather, expanding on almost every option available to players of Iron Kingdoms: Requiem.
  • Nightmare Empire offers 5e players a host of new ancestries, all-new classes, and subclasses, as well as magic, equipment, feats, and more to bring a bit of full metal fantasy into their games of 5e.

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  • Der Orgothbist doch ein ausgemustert Skorne-Titan, oder?

    Insgesamt durchwachsene Ankündigung in meinen Augen. Der Land Raider passt für mich nicht in das Spiel, bei der Kutsche fehlt etwas und den Orgoth assoziiere ich mit einer anderen Fraktion.

  • Hm, ein Khador-Flakpanzer, der sich wohl im Jahrhundert verirrt hat, ein Orgoth-Modell von der Hordes-Resterampe und ein Cygnar Streitwagen. Ich stimme zu – sehr durchwachsen. Der Streitwagen ist noch das Beste hier – und Panzer passen für mich jetzt noch nicht wirklich in das Warmachine Universum…

    • Mit dem Zeitsprung und dem allgemeinen anheben des Techlevels ist der Streitwagen tatsächlich eher „out of place“.

      Ich finde alle drei Modelle ziemlich misslungen, und bin froh das MK IV der entgültige Sargnagel für Warma/Hordes für mich war. Da ist bisher nicht mal was dabei gewesen was man einfach haben und in die Vitrine stellen will. (imho)

    • Finde das auch alles sehr durchwachsen und nicht in sich so recht stimmig. Ein bisschen Resthoffnung hatte ich ja noch, dass da mal was draus werden kann… aber mein ursprünglicher Plan mit einem Starter das Ganze mal zu testen, hat sich so erst einmal wieder verabschiedet. Die schönsten Modelle von der technischen Seite waren ja WM/H auch nicht unbedingt damals, aber die Gesamtwirkung war gut. So werde ich mir in ein paar Monaten ggf. den aktuellen Stand noch einmal etwas genauer anschauen und dann ggf. dem Spiel eine Chance geben. Wenn weitere potentielle Spieler das auch so sehen, natürlich kein guter Start ist.

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