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Necromunda: Rex Spires und Estus Jet

Bald herrscht Bombenstimmung in den die Tiefen der Unterwelt von Necromunda, außerdem tauchen aus dem Schatten vergiftete Klingen auf, mit zwei neuen Charaktermodellen.

Two New Dramatis Personae Arrive on Necromunda Armed to the Max With Bombs and Blades

The underhive is crawling with so many bounty hunters, outlaws, and hired guns, it’s a wonder there’s room left for innocent civilians at this point. This dubious cast of rum coves ply their deadly trade among the gangs of Necromunda, offering their unique take on the oldest job in the world – making people dead.

Today, two new ne’er-do-wells have sauntered into sight. First up, smelling faintly of singed hair and promethium, it’s the bomb(t)astic Rex Spires.

Forge World Two New Dramatis Personae Arrive On Necromunda Armed To The Max With Bombs And Blades 1

Rex’s high-octane career started in the scrapheaps – a light-fingered lout who would steal anything to escape his indentured servitude… until BOOM! He had an epiphany.

As a nearby manufactorum exploded and collapsed part of the dome he called home, he was freed. So now Rex Spires is all about spreading the good word of his lord and saviour – a really big bang.

His sermons are booby traps, and his message is high-explosive death – he has access to Frag Traps, Melta Traps, Blasting Charges, Demo Charges, and his Demolitions rule, lets him set up to three booby traps during the pre-battle sequence. All for this hard learned knowledge, however, cost him an arm (well both of them actually) and a leg!

Forge World Two New Dramatis Personae Arrive On Necromunda Armed To The Max With Bombs And Blades 2

Rex is joined by Estus Jet, a mysterious orphan named for the letters still legible on the collar she was wearing when Esmeralda, Holdmother of the Dust Falls Deep 9 Orphanarium, discovered her. Those letters? _EST _ SU_JE_T

Forge World Two New Dramatis Personae Arrive On Necromunda Armed To The Max With Bombs And Blades 3

Esmeralda taught this go-getter everything she needed to know – including how to kill with an assortment of martial skills and weapons.

She now works as a gunrunner for Gideon Scav, with ample time to practise her favourite pastime – using her toxin-laced blades to take down idiots who try to rip her off.

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  • Gute Nachricht, der Sprengstoff-Verrückte ist einer der Top Kopfgeldjäger.
    Die Kleine ist regeltechnisch leider sehr schwach, aber definitiv ein sehr schönes Modell. man kann eine schöne Escher oder einen eigenen Hired Gun aus ihr machen.

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