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Warmachine: MK 4 Beta-App online

Die neue App für Warmachine ist online.

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We are pleased to announce the WARMACHINE MKIV app beta is now available to download from the Apple App store and Google Play. The app is a free download—no purchase required to access the model content and rules!

PiP Warmachine MK 4 App Preview

The app will be in its beta state through the rest of the year, so here are some things you’ll want to know.

  • The new MKIV rules are not currently in the app; instead, they’ll be incorporated in our next major update on November 22nd, which will include the rules as well as major bug fixes for anything reported between now and then. For now, you can download the most up-to-date version of the MKIV rules, posted today on the WARMACHINE web page.

MKIV BETA: Rules & More

  • The current version of the app offers the ability to browse model rules and build a force from three new MKIV armies or at least one Prime Legacy army for every pre-existing Faction. Match play will not be available until the week of November 7th, so if you plan to play any MKIV games between now and then, you’ll need to use a notepad and pen to record damage and note which command cards you’ve used. So, we’ve also included a couple sheets of printable damage grids and life spirals on the WARMACHINE web page to assist with this.
  • Reporting tools have been built right into the app. So, if you experience a bug or spot a data error, just go to the model profile and tap on the reporting button, then fill out the quick Q&A to let us know what needs a fix and we’ll make sure it gets taken care of.
  • The WARMACHINE app will be in beta through the end of the year, with the gold version expected to launch in January. Later in February, we’ll be offering a subscription service that will include increased force storage capacity, multiple-device sharing, monthly premium content, and more features that will enhance your WARMACHINE experience. We’ll also be adding support for Windows and Mac in the coming months.

For a walkthrough of the app in its current state, check out the Twitch stream hosted by Travis Marg earlier this week.

Watch for more news as we update the WARMACHINE app over the next few weeks and months!

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