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Warcrow: Neues Teaservideo

Corvus Belli haben ein neues Video zum ersten Warcrow-Projekt veröffentlicht.

Hoopoe, our new brand ambassador, introduces us to the new fantasy universe of Corvus Belli: Warcrow. A brand new IP with its own narrative development to become a new line of products to complement the company’s current catalogue.

A classical fantasy atmosphere featuring recognizable elements from the genre but, at the same time, including new ideas created by Corvus Belli. Elves, humans, dwarves, and orcs will coexist with totally new races. It is classical fantasy with the Corvus Belli touch.

Warcrow is a fantasy universe where the different nations must decide what role they will have in their world’s events. Hold on to what they know, fight for what they believe in, discover the mysteries that surround them, protect their civilization or advance towards their destiny. Go to warcro.com and subscribe to our newsletter.

Quelle: Corvus Belli auf Youtube


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