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Victrix: Neue Render

Victrix zeigen auf Facebook erste Render ihrer Ancient Horse Riders.

Victrix HorseArchers Prev01 Victrix HorseArchers Prev02 Victrix HorseArchers Prev03 Victrix HorseArchers Prev04 Victrix HorseArchers Prev05

Product Announcement: Ancient Horse Archers
Here we have renders of the first and second horse archer figure!
On the second figure we wanted to show some left handed options. Horse archers were expert bowmen, raised in the saddle from childhood and practicing with the bow every day to gain strength and proficiency. Many expert archers can shift from left to right handed when shooting, which makes sense when having to shoot forward, left, right and behind.
Also notice our horse archers are using the thumb ring for the pinch grip when shooting. The arrow rests on the inside of the hand on the thumb and not on the outer hand more appropriate to the Mediterranean style of shooting.
For this figure we have a Scythian head in pointy cap, a Scythian head with long hair and a Parthian head in cap with trailing ribbons, but all heads will be interchangeable between figures.
We have done the bow cases hanging on the left for this figure, these men would have chosen a side based on personal preference or whether you were left or right handed. Also we have built in spare bows in the bow cases as many archers would carry an extra bow in case of breakages or strings snapping.
This is looking like being one of our most dynamic sets yet and third figure is being worked on now along with a FEMALE torso and heads as Scythian women fought with the men on occasions!

Quelle: Victrix Miniatures auf Facebook


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  • Das Victrix-Sortiment ist schon verdammt gut und wird einfach immer besser. Irre.
    Bald decken die quasi jeden historischen Bereich ab, der mich interessiert.

  • Mit einer Packung Römer konnte ich meine gesamte 6 Pkt. Armee für Age of Hannibal aufstellen und ich fand die Qualität auch gut. Brauche halt Geduld wegen der Lieferzeit.

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