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Epic Encounters: Grotte der Drachenschildkröte

Ist es ein Drache, ist es eine Schildkröte – nein, es ist die Drachenschildkröte, die als Teil einer neuen Epic Encounters Box von Steamforged Games kommt und jetzt vorbestellbar ist.

Steamforged Games Epic Encounters Cove Of The Dragon Turtle 1 Steamforged Games Epic Encounters Cove Of The Dragon Turtle 2

Epic Encounters: Cove of the Dragon Turtle – 49,95 Euro

Pit your roleplaying group against a titanic dragon turtle with this Epic Encounters boss box! Compatible with fifth edition or any fantasy roleplaying game.

Whispers travel across the seas of a titanic beast that dwells in the depths. A snapping, snarling chaos that surges from beneath the waves to snatch its prey. Some speak of these monstrous predators singing to one another with haunting, wordless ululations crooned over silent seas. Others of slow death; victims kept alive to be consumed limb by limb. Sailors give it many names — old grim teeth, the living island. No matter the name, or the language it’s spoken in, all sailors fear the dragon turtle.

Many feared creatures lurk in the dark places beneath the waves… But none are as feared as the dragon turtle. These colossal sea-dwelling beasts have the shape of a turtle, but ten times the size, and the mind of a dragon, wise and treasure-hungry. This may well be your sternest test yet.

Inside this boss box is everything you need to challenge a dragon turtle, including a large, highly detailed dragon turtle miniature (110mm base!) and an adventure book woven with information to fuel your imagination. It’s up to you to discover which rumours and whispers are true!

Can you defeat the dreaded dragon turtle, or will you end up sleeping with the fishes?

What is Epic Encounters?

Made for new and experienced players, every Epic Encounters set features an all-in-one boxed encounter that’s 5e compatible and ready to play as part of a new or existing roleplaying campaign.

  • Everything you need to run cinematic boss encounters with a dragon turtle
  • Huge dragon turtle miniature inside! (110mm base)
  • 5e compatible
  • Play a one-shot boss battle or add to your current campaign
  • Pair with warband box Island of the Crab Archon for an epic campaign on th high seas!


  • 1 huge, highly detailed dragon turtle miniature (110mm base, unpainted)
  • Double-sided game mat
  • Adventure book
  • Monster stats
  • Tips and tricks for building tension and excitement

Make your next roleplaying session one to remember. With just one box, you can run a terrifying boss encounter your players will be talking about for weeks! Match your brave adventurers up against a gargantuan draconid turtle. Use Cove of the Dragon Turtle as a standalone encounter or as part of a new or existing RPG campaign. Pair this boss with the compatible warband set, Island of the Crab Archon, for a truly epic tale of the high seas!

Die Box ist vorbestellbar und hat ein geplante Veröffentlichung für September 2022.

Quelle: Steamforged Games


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