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The Lazy Forger: Neues Preview

Es gibt wieder neue Previews vom Lazy Forger.

TLF Lazy Forger Preview 1 TLF Lazy Forger Preview 2 TLF Lazy Forger Preview 3

Today’s Teaser.

TLF Lazy Forger Preview 4 TLF Lazy Forger Preview 5 TLF Lazy Forger Preview 6 TLF Lazy Forger Preview 7

A quick teaser of the upcoming Enlisted release: the infantry is completed, here some close-ups of the tiny (6mm to 15mm) men that will be embarked in the platforms and tanks! And soon (a couple of weeks, depending on the MMF slots for the banner!) it will get on our store: https://www.myminifactory.com/users/TheLazyForger
Our second Full Spectrum Dominance is almost ready!
Quelle: The Lazy Forger auf Facebook

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