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Ramshackle Games: Neu und neu aufgelegt

Ramshackle Games haben etwas Neues und etwas Altes neu aufgelegt.

RG Ramshackle Skin Walkers 1 RG Ramshackle Skin Walkers 2 RG Ramshackle Skin Walkers 3

I just put up a couple of awesome sculpts from Andres Villeseca on the web store today. These are Skin Walkers, dire incursions of spooky beings into the world of humans!

Skin Walkers x 2 – £8,00

2 x High quality polyurethane resin figures. Sculpted by Andres Villaseca. Supplied unpainted and unassembled.

Awesome and freaky the skin walkers are great horror models for skirmish games, D&D or Rogue Trader. Sculpted by the talented Andres Villaseca these cool models will look amazing on your table. Cast in high quality polyurethane resin, these models are a joy to work with.

RG Radcopter 1 RG Radcopter 2 RG Radcopter 3 RG Radcopter 4 RG Radcopter 5 RG Radcopter 6

I’m re-releasing the Radcopter today. It was mostly made by Peter Harris and he did a fine job! I say „mostly“ because I sculpted the crew and he used some of the existing cast parts to kit-bash bits on the master model.


As usual loads of the parts are available on their own too, the link above goes to the selection that is up on the shop. We do loads of cool bits, from wheels to armour plates, from engines to turrets, so its worth having a look around the Parts Bazaar section 😉

Radlodyte Pirate Radcopter – £75,00

Resin multi part model. Sculpted by Peter Harris. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled. May vary slightly from images shown.

This Radlodyte pirate copter is great for all sorts of gaming. It can be used in Nuclear Rennaissance or even with your orks in Warhammer 40k! Packed with details, this is a really fun kit.

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  • Die Rotorblätter sind etwas schmächtig und die Crew will mir nicht so recht gefallen, ansonsten finde ich den echt witzig.

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