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Owlcat Games: Rogue Trader Previews

Owlcat Games arbeiten fleißig an der Videospielumsetzung des Rollenspiels Rogue Trader, das im Warhammer 40.000 Universum angesiedelt ist.

Den Anfang macht nochmal der Ankündigungstrailer, gefolgt vom Main Theme. Zu einer Begleiterin, Schwester Argenta vom Adepta Sororitas, gibt es auch einen kleinen Beitrag.



The terrible tread of gigantic Titans, the scream of drop pods entering the atmosphere – these are the sounds that make the hearts of heretics tremble. So too does prayer – the holy battle prayer of the Adepta Sororitas. Also known as the Sisters of Battle, these fierce and devoted women make up the militant arm of the Ecclesiarchy, the state church of the Imperium of Man.

The orphaned daughter of Imperial Guard officers, the child that would become Sister Argenta received harsh training in the Schola Progenium – the crucible of the Imperial military elite. Only one memory survived from before the ordeal of training – or was it merely a dream? In this vision, the girl saw grey ship hulls and dirty military camps, dank trenches, faceless people in Astra Militarum uniforms, the roar of a counterattack, the crescendo of her mother’s heart-rending cry, broken by an ominous silence… and the golden Aquila lying among the ashes, so immaculate, so alien in this gloomy and bleak environment. The symbol of the God-Emperor of Mankind.

Somewhere in the malicious oceans of the warp, the Emperor was fighting the ruinous powers of Chaos. For the young orphan, He became a semantic constant, an object of worship, an impeccable role model, the reason she had survived hell. Guided by this shining symbol, sure that she had been chosen for some great, as yet unknown, purpose, the girl proved herself time and time again in the Schola and ascended to the ranks of the Adepta Sororitas. Her birth name was forgotten, replaced by a new one – Argenta, the name of a local saint worshipped in the Calixis Sector and the Koronus Expanse. A long and crooked path then led her to Footfall, where she was to join a small mission of her order to guard a holy reliquary.

It seems that Argenta lives and breathes for one purpose – to achieve perfection worthy of the Emperor’s most faithful warriors. She is unstoppable, audacious – sometimes too audacious. The battlefield is her temple, and bolter rounds are the words of her fervent prayer. When she rushes into battle, the ship’s bulkheads reverberate with the passion of her prayers, and her allies feel the surge of power.

But what led the young sister away from her duties as a guardian of the reliquary? Was it a holy epiphany or a fall from grace? This remains a tightly held secret…

Außerdem wurde auf Facebook über die letzen Wochen einiges an Material veröffentlicht, von Konzeptart bis hin zu Screenshots findet sich eine bunte Mischung.

Owlcat Games Rouge Trader Previews 1

Communication is key for every self-respecting space entrepreneur. And the esteemed Vox Master of your voidship will make sure you stay seamlessly connected to anyone you need.

Owlcat Games Rouge Trader Previews 2

“You see outcasts. Scum. The filth of humanity. Nothing to work with, just a prey to hunt upon. You are wrong. True Gods can embrace them, make them something bigger, something holy. I will turn them into the most useful and dangerous thing in the galaxy. Into believers.”

Owlcat Games Rouge Trader Previews 3

Necron Warriors form the cold heart of a tomb world’s armies. They are implacable, emotionless, and terrifying – the inexorable emissaries of death itself.

Owlcat Games Rouge Trader Previews 4

Everyone needs to know the tales of your glorious deeds, Lord Captain. And this cute flying skull has got you covered.

Owlcat Games Rouge Trader Previews 5

The Incubi are an order of Drukhari that hone themselves for war alone – they are warriors of the highest caliber. Despite the Incubi’s monk-like asceticism, no shred of virtue exists in their bloodstained souls – their true goal is simply to kill as often as possible.

Owlcat Games Rouge Trader Previews 6

Sometimes you really want to make a point with your appearance. Just don’t ask who keeps the candles lit.

Owlcat Games Rouge Trader Previews 7

„Perfidious Eldar! They had the stars in their grasp and now are left to sift the dust of their once fabulous realm. For all their intellect and mysticism, they could not contain the beast within them, nor tame the wild monsters of the Shadow. Why should we pay them any heed?“

Owlcat Games Rouge Trader Previews 8

People from the Imperial agri-worlds are the embodiment of hardiness and toil. Their tough fate remains unchanging through the generations – they work from dawn till dusk to ensure that the supply of food and organic resources from their planet keeps flowing.

Owlcat Games Rouge Trader Previews 9

Webway Gates: the pinnacle of Aeldari’s mastery over the Warp and Materium. All of them are connected to the network of tunnels in an alternate dimension, allowing teleportation between such gates in a blink of an eye. Both Asuryani and Drukhari use this to their advantage.

Owlcat Games Rouge Trader Previews 10

In Rogue Trader shooting is one of the cornerstones of the gameplay and we are working as hard as possible to make it as awesome as can be. For example – those lines to enemies automatically show your chances to hit the target.

Quelle: Owlcat Games auf Facebook


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