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Ninja Division: The Final Tide Oger Release

Mit den beiden Oger Zwillingen, Ugg und Mugg, folgt die finale Veröffentlichung der Orks für Super Dungeon Explore.

Ninja Division The Plunder Twins 1 Ninja Division The Plunder Twins 2 Ninja Division The Plunder Twins 3 Ninja Division The Plunder Twins 4

Ninja Division The Plunder Twins 5 Ninja Division The Plunder Twins 6 Ninja Division The Plunder Twins 7 Ninja Division The Plunder Twins 8

The Plunder Twins – 58,99 GBP

The Plunder Twins is a Dungeon Boss model set for Super Dungeon.

Ugg is the eldest Plunder Twin. Which is a responsibility he takes seriously–despite the mere minutes in age difference. Ugg sees Mugg as his responsibility and is fiercely protective of his younger brother.

Mugg has always craved adventure. It was he who convinced his brother to first take to the seas as bruisers on the Cog Ships out of the cove. It was also he who convinced Ugg to mutiny so they could enjoy the pirate life.


  • 1x UggMasterclass Miniature
  • 1x Mugg Masterclass Miniature
  • 1x Ugg Explore Card
  • 1x Mugg Explore Card
  • 1x Ugg Arcade Card
  • 1x Mugg Arcade Card
  • 1x Ugg Boss Fight Card
  • 6x Treasure Cards
  • 4x Relic Cards
  • 10x Challenge Cards
  • 2x 50mm Black Bases

Take your Super Dungeon hobby to the next level with Super Dungeon: Masterclass! This premium line of resin models is specifically designed for hobby enthusiasts and gamers alike! Featuring Heroes and monsters from throughout the realms of Crystalia, these finely detailed miniatures bring the world of Super Dungeon to life as never before. Each Masterclass miniature includes cards that allow it to be used in your games of Super Dungeon!

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