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Necromunda: Ajex, Fürst der Faust Preview

Ein neuer Charakter betritt die Unterwelt von Necromunda, Ajex, der Herrscher über die Faust, die größte Enklave des Hauses Goliath in der Makropole Primus.

Rise to the Top of House Goliath With Necromunda’s Mightiest Self-Made Man

Some people are born into power, and other monsters are made, but the real movers and shakers of Necromunda drag themselves up from the pits and grasp status with their own two hands. When you have hands as large as Ajex Gorgoth’s, you can hold a lot of power indeed – and the self-styled Lord of the Fist isn’t afraid to swing it around Hive Primus.

Forge World Rise To The Top Of House Goliath With Necromunda’s Mightiest Self Made Man 1

As one of the Natborn – naturally born Goliaths who typically show increased intelligence and lifespans – Ajex was marked for his cunning and ingenuity from an early age. His ability to craft weapons and armour from the scavenged scrap of the forge pits gave him a leg up in the brutal internal scuffles of House Goliath, and before long he’d risen to lead the Forge Lords gang.

Gang life wasn’t without its injuries, but Ajex turned each grievous wound into greater strength thanks to self-made bionics and crudely ‘powered’ armour. He even replaced his nose when it was bitten off in a fight, and anyone brave (or stupid) enough to mock it tends to find an iron schnozz buried in their forehead.

Forge World Rise To The Top Of House Goliath With Necromunda’s Mightiest Self Made Man 2

Nowadays, Ajex leads the Fist – the largest Goliath enclave in Hive Primus – ranking him among the Hive’s eight influential Alphas.* He rules over the Fist’s many manufactorums, slave pits, and fighting arenas, though the drudgery of day-to-day management is far from the top of his schedule.

Instead, the Lord of the Fist is usually found furthering the House’s interests in the underhive, most often at the end of his massive powered claw. His unstoppable popularity with fellow Goliaths has even the Over-tyrant concerned – Varran Gor follows Ajex’s career closely, lest he join the trophies on his back.

Forge World Rise To The Top Of House Goliath With Necromunda’s Mightiest Self Made Man 3

Ajex is a true monster in close combat, as unbothered by Ambots as he is by upstart Forge-born, and his combination of heavy carapace armour and the Immovable Stance skill render him almost impossible to budge. He might not be winning medals for sprinting any time soon, but once planted in a crucial chokepoint, Ajex will hold the line better than anything short of a battle tank.

Forge World Rise To The Top Of House Goliath With Necromunda’s Mightiest Self Made Man 4

As an extra holiday treat, we’ve also got some new ash wastes-themed upgrades to show off. House Cawdor’s disdain for technology won’t stop them venturing out into a choking sandstorm, and a few wrapped rags is ‘good enough’ for the average fanatic. Who needs vac-sealed hermeto-flasks of purified water when a trusty glass bottle will do?

Forge World Rise To The Top Of House Goliath With Necromunda’s Mightiest Self Made Man 5

This resin set also contains a variety of backpacks for carrying important supplies like candles, saw blades, candles, ammunition, and candles. You can’t rely on the ramshackle Ridge Walkers to carry all your baggage, after all, and you never know when a skull, some bomb rats,** or a buzz-saw blade will come in handy out there in the wastes.

Gather up your credits and get ready to hire Ajex Gorgoth – he’ll be making his way to a hive near you in the new year. In the meantime, you can find his full rules and backstory in Necromunda: House of Chains.

* The previous Alpha still accompanies Ajex to this day – as a skull adorning his trophy rack.

** Look at their tiny respirators! It’s nice to see animals being treated with care and respect before they explode.

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