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Ludus Magnus: The Breach Preview

Von Ludus Magnus kommt im Q2 ein neuer Brettspiel-Kickstarter.

“Planet Earth… beginning of the 22nd century: the Achab Corporation influences and dominates the globe using outstanding technologies, obtained via access to Gene.sys, a secret database of unknown origin which has turned out to be a mine of information and knowledge. However, the Corporation is not the only entity that wants to obtain these secrets: the Breachers are expert hackers, capable of connecting to Gene.sys in order to steal information and increase the power and prestige of their faction. A.R.M. (the Achab Remote Mind) security system, a sophisticated artificial intelligence developed by Achab engineers, proactively detects and fights against each intrusion attempt to Gene.sys, but it seems that something is going wrong with it…”

„A few days ago, the hacker known as £e0N breached into the A-Corp systems. It looked to be a demonstrative act, probably to get fame within the hacker community. After this action, no other activities attributable to him/her have been reported, £e0N simply looks to be completely disappeared.“

Auf der Website zu The Breach veröffentlichen Ludus Magnus immer wieder Rätselvideos, bei denen die Teilnehmer Kickstarter-Pledges gewinnen können, indem sie Codes entschlüsseln.

Breachers are using powerful Avatars to hack systems and fight security measures. Will you be able to identify them? Watch the video and try to find the secret web page, to start the decrypting process!

Das hier war der erste enthüllte Avatar:

LM Ludus Magnus The Breach 3

…Incoming communications…

  • Avatar: Identified (Type 01)
  • Breacher: unknown
  • Intrusion Attempt: Number 11
  • Decryption Completed!
Congratulations for cracking the code! You helped to reveal the first Avatar of The Breach!
And the winners are…
Ivan S. and Michael K.
We will contact you soon by email, you won a pledge for the next Kickstarter campaign of The Breach (Q2 2022)!
Come back tomorrow at 5pm (CET) to play with us and try to reveal a new Avatar!
Do not miss this new chance to win a pledge!

LM Ludus Magnus The Breach 2

Quelle: The Breach


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