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Galactic Beasts: Episode I Kickstarter

Aktuell sind auf Kickstarter verschiedene Sci-Fi Monster zum selber drucken unterwegs.

Galactic Beasts: Episode I

Galactic Beasts Episode I 1

STL files of several different sci-fi species available in the core release, all accurately scaled, presupported, & test-printed!

Greetings and welcome to Episode 1 of my Galactic Beasts series!

This Kickstarter contains a collection of monsters that are presupported, test-printed, and ready to hit the table and ruin your dear player’s day! All models are to scale based off of 40mm human models and are hungry for combat!

Galactic Beasts Episode I 2

Giant Pit Beast

      though neigh impossible to domesticate, these giant creatures tend to be a terrible status symbol to many large, sentient, and criminal slugs

Galactic Beasts Episode I 3

Swamp Crabs

       These 3 meter Swamp Crabs are often favored by the battle arenas found around the galaxy, pray you’re never forced into indentured servitude as a gladiator!

Galactic Beasts Episode I 4

Redwood Rapter Dragon

       Found in Redwood biomes, these 2 meter tall dragons‘ favorite meal are tiny sentient bears that dwell there as well.

Galactic Beasts Episode I 5

Sand Armadillo

        These pack creatures stalk the desert of a twin sun planet, and will attack anyone who enters their territory!

Galactic Beasts Episode I 6 Galactic Beasts Episode I 7

Eagle Bats

They are the last surviving creatures of a city planet near the core of the galaxy.

Galactic Beasts Episode I 8

Space Chickens

space chickens…yup. What did you expect?

Galactic Beasts Episode I 10

I support every single file in a 3d printing software called Lychee along with the STL file format. Here are some of the figures printed out on my Anycubic Photon Mono X!

Galactic Beasts Episode I 11

Stretch Goals:

Galactic Beasts Episode I 9

Die Kampagne ist bereits finanziert und läuft noch 24 Tage.

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