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Infinity: November Neuheiten

Corvus Belli haben jede Menge November-Neuheiten für Infinity vorbereitet.

Codeone Nomads Collection Pack 1 Codeone Nomads Collection Pack 2

CodeOne: Nomads Collection Pack – 265,00 €

This box includes the 27 miniatures of the entire CodeOne range of the Nomads army, as well as the CodeOne rules booklet in English. This box is the perfect way to get the entire collection of the Nomads wandering nation.

Codeone Ariadna Collection Pack 1 Codeone Ariadna Collection Pack 2

CodeOne: Ariadna Collection Pack – 265,00 €

This box includes the 25 miniatures of the entire CodeOne range of the Ariadna army as well as the CodeOne rules booklet in English. This box is the perfect way to get the entire collection of the brave Ariadna.

Its Objectives Pack Alpha 1 Its Objectives Pack Alpha 2

ITS Objectives Pack Alpha – 69,95 €

This box includes all the elements and objectives that you may need in your ITS mission games. This box contains 18 injected thermoplastic elements: 4 Consoles, 3 Objectives, 4 Tech-Coffins, 3 Supply Boxes, 2 Turrets, and 2 Beacons.

Aleph Remotes Pack 1 Aleph Remotes Pack 2 Aleph Remotes Pack 3 Aleph Remotes Pack 4

Rebot Remotes Pack – 39,95 €

Rebot is the acronym for Remote Robot. The Special Situations Section loves to deploy large numbers of these small autonomous units throughout the battlefield. They are like a small plague that spreads the chaos and confusion necessary for the rest of the attack forces to be able reach their objectives.

This box includes two miniatures: two Rebots with different weaponry or equipment to suit your needs. The best way to add versatility to your Aleph force from the Operation Blackwind box.

Haqqislam Remotes Pack 1 Haqqislam Remotes Pack 2 Haqqislam Remotes Pack 3 Haqqislam Remotes Pack 4

Haqqislam Remotes Pack – 39,95 €

Remotes are an economical and effective option for mobile tactical support, an ideal addition to the deployment of heavy armored units such as Magharibas, and a welcome reinforcement for light infantry operatives.

This box includes two miniatures: two Remotes with different weaponry or equipment to suit your needs. The best way to add versatility to your Haqqislam force from the Operation Blackwind box.

Dire Foes 11 Failsafe 1 Dire Foes 11 Failsafe 2 Dire Foes 11 Failsafe 3 Dire Foes 11 Failsafe 4 Dire Foes 11 Failsafe 5

Dire Foes Mission Pack 11: Failsafe – 32,95 €

Liberty Cargo has been a front company for the Hexahedron for years, and this is just another routine mission. What could go wrong? Uma Sørensen is going to find out what Qiang Gao and his team are willing to do to ruin her day.

This box includes 3 miniatures: Indigo Spec-Ops Captain Uma Sørensen with Combi Breaker Rifle, Captain Qiang Gāo with HMG, and one Liberty Cargo Pilot.

With this box you can not only expand your collection of Infinity miniatures, but you will get new options for your army—giving them personality with these two heroes—and also a neutral model to play missions and scenarios.

Kanren Counterinsurgency Group 1 Kanren Counterinsurgency Group 2 Kanren Counterinsurgency Group 3 Kanren Counterinsurgency Group 4 Kanren Counterinsurgency Group 5

Kanren Counterinsurgency Group – 19,95 €

These operatives are therefore specialized in close combat and urban combat techniques. Troops in charge to watch and monitor any subversive activity against the StateEmpire; infiltrating into the ranks of the radicals to dismantle any threat.

Give your opponent an unpleasant surprise with the Kǎnrèn Hacker. Take advantage of the Kǎnrèn’s Holoprojector and your foe will not see you coming. This is a great addition to your Imperial Service Army.

This is a repackaging of individual products into a single product.

Gangbuster Hacker 1 Gangbuster Hacker 2 Gangbuster Hacker 3 Gangbuster Hacker 4 Gangbuster Hacker 5 Gangbuster Hacker 6

Gangbuster (Hacker) – 14,95 €

Bureau Aegis created the Special Crime Squad (SCS), better known as the Gangbusters. The special agents with SCS have been trained to operate from within the most dangerous criminal environments imaginable. They can infiltrate criminal organizations going undercover as intermediaries, hitmen, or any kind of mobster or thug necessary.

This blister includes three miniatures: One Gangbuster Hacker and two MadTraps. There is no better option to stop the enemy’s advance than including a Gangbuster in your O-12 army

Infinity ist unter anderem bei unseren Partnern Fantasy-InFantasyweltMinyarts und Taschengelddieb erhältlich.

Community-Link: O-12.de

Quelle: Infinity Website


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  • Mir fällt bei den großen Boxen zum ersten Mal auf, dass die Infinity Armeen mehr einem zusammengewürfelten Haufen von Einzelmodellen, denn einer kohärenten Truppe gleichen. Hat man jemals so viele Modelle einer Fraktion zur gleichen Zeit auf dem Feld oder sind das typischerweise weniger?

  • Du hast meist 15 Modelle auf deiner Seite des ist eigentlich das maximum, aber es gibt Modelle die nicht als Einheiten zählen und so können es auch etwas mehr sein.. Generell hast du aber halt einen mix von Spezialisten die Black Ops Operationen durchführen.. Du brauchst auch verschiebene Einheiten wie z. B Heilen, Hacken, Reparieren und ganz wichtig Knöpfe drücken können.. So viel wiederholungen will man eigentlich vermeiden es sei denn bei Panzerfaust Camouflage Daylamis😁

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