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Infinity: ALEPH in Operation Blackwind

Corvus Belli stellen die stolzen Krieger ALEPHs im Detail vor (merkt man, dass ich die Fraktion vorbestellt habe?).

CB Aleph In Operation Blackwind 1 CB Aleph In Operation Blackwind 2

ALEPH, is the sole artificial intelligence that oversees the data network of the human sphere and most major international technological systems. ALEPH is the greatest ally of humanity, and without her, the intergalactic sociopolitical and economic framework would crumble. ALEPH possesses a tactical branch, named special situations section or SSS for short, that was created to fight against the alien threat of the combined army, but also to persecute all of those who dare to create other artificial intelligence like her.


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The Thorakitai (Thorakites in singular), is the base infantry of the Assault Sub-section. If the Myrmidons are the vanguard force, the wave that breaks the enemy front, the Thorakitai is the tide that comes afterwards giving support to the action, securing the terrain, sweeping away the enemy, and consolidating positions. Even loaded with the armor and protective measures that give it its name (Thorakitai: “Cuirassiers”) and link them with the heavy troops of the phalanxes of antiquity, they are a mobile unit ready to defend the rearguard and valuable supply lines, but one that can also adopt more aggressive roles by leading front line offensive actions.

If the Myrmidons are the howling warriors of the Sub-section, the Thorakitai are the silent bad boys that know how to wait for their chance to prove that they are full-fledged members of the Steel Phalanx, born for war and baptized in blood.


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Agêma Marksmen have been designed with extraordinary aim. From the time of their birth in the Lhost breeding pods, each Agêma is modified to have perfect eyesight and a steady pulse. Current Agêmas are the elite guards of today, just as they were in antiquity. Their function is to allow Assault Sub-section forces to engage in combat with the enemy and accomplish their mission, eliminating any threat that could appear along the way. Hidden adversaries, artillery pieces, long-range support weapons — they are all natural targets for the Agêmas.

Nobody is safe on the battlefield when an Agêma has a clear line of sight. But don’t make the mistake of believing that these are mere cold Operations Sub-section snipers. The Agêma belong to the Steel Phalanx, which is patently visible in their combat behavior, keeping a tally of all casualties inflicted and announcing each one of them as part of a constant competition that ends with the glorification of the best at the end of the battle, where the tally is recorded as the score to beat in the next battle.


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The Ekdromoi (“Runners” in Ancient Greek) are the Assault Sub-section’s quick special interventions
unit deployed wherever they are needed, generally in the most dangerous areas of the combat zone. In Ancient Greece, the Ekdromoi were a body of light Hoplites that could act away from the phalanx line, responding rapidly to the different vicissitudes of battle. Similarly, the Ekdromoi of the Assault Sub-section specializes in combat operations far away from their own lines that require great mobility and decisiveness. The Ekdromoi especially stand out in hand-to-hand combat where they are quick and bloody.

Do you know who was the first to capture a high-ranking Morat officer alive? Do you know who destroyed the Kaphiri SpawnEmbryo warehouse in the Shasvastii rearguard? Exactly; the Ekdromoi. The Steel Phalanx generally sends these units into high-risk missions with low chances of success and expects them to return victorious! And you can be sure that the Ekdromoi have never let them down.


CB Aleph In Operation Blackwind 9 CB Aleph In Operation Blackwind 10

Hoplites are a heavy infantry unit created by the SSS at the end of the Second Paradiso Offensive, when it was found that the approach of using light assault units wasn’t effective when exposed to heavy enemy fire. Hoplites are a selected team conceived as a support troop for the main force, being thus integrated into lighter units to provide them with greater firepower and endurance. Its members are handpicked one by one, and they stand out for their experience in combat and for being seasoned warriors, in many cases coming from the ranks of the Thorakitai and thus providing the kind of invaluable tactical insight that makes the difference between life and death, victory and defeat.

Although Hoplites stand out among other Phalanx troops due to their size and bulkiness, they invariably surprise both their allies and their opponents with their agility, which they require to keep the pace imposed by the lighter units in which they are integrated. The truth is that the Hoplites’ servo-powered armor isn’t actually characterized by its thickness, but rather it tends to be quite light and features intelligent systems for absorbing impacts and nullifying special and exotic ammunition. The Hoplites’ gear has been designed to keep them fighting in the thick of the battle for as long as possible. But all that hardware is nothing more than a booster for their particular ethos, which is what makes them true warriors. War has shown that a stubborn fellow can bleed for a long time before he dies, and even more so the men and women of this unit. Hoplites tend to recruit those hardened veterans who are big, strong, and, above all, as stubborn as mules.

Their fate is sealed once they utter their battle cry, for no matter what comes their way, no matter what they are up against, they won’t relent until the fight is over and they are victorious. For they all know that there is no greater pleasure than that of triumph. The victory makes you forget your wounds, the pain, and the blood, and it turns the grayest sky blue. It’s a feeling that Hoplites are addicted to: for them, victory is such a potent drug that they have made it their tradition, much to the dismay of their enemies.


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The psychogenesis process of the Assault Subsection Aspects is basically experimental. Striking just the right point of instability to produce a troop that is fearless and unpredictable yet stable enough to operate within the parameters of modern warfare is more of an art than a technique. For this reason, the number of Aspects rejected is very high, as not all those who are created are suitable to join the units of the Subsection. This doesn’t mean that they are discarded or destroyed but rather stored in one of the secure servers that Bureau Toth has made available to ALEPH.

Originally, these Aspects would be stored for future study, to find out what had gone wrong with them and, if it was a problem caused during the creation and development process, to avoid making the same mistakes. These Aspects, known as the “Second Kindred,” were never as cherished as those who preceded them, and they were used as test subjects for those who followed. However, despite this name that might seem dismissive, the AI soon found a new purpose for these misfits, or at least for some of them.

The war against the Combined Army on Paradiso presented a series of peculiarities that set it apart from conventional warfare.The fighting during the impasses between larger offensives was more akin to asymmetric warfare than to traditional warfare, and ALEPH understood that it needed a team that could operate in ways that were beyond the capabilities of the Phalanx. A highly mobile unit was needed, able to combine the tactics of forward troops and infiltration units with those of line infantry and assault squads. It would be a team that incorporated a little bit of all SSS standards without quite fully adhering to any of them, and a team that seemed like the perfect embodiment of what the Second Kindred were considered to be. Thus, a screening process was
created to select those who could fit the profile of this new unit, which would take its name from the Thyreophoroi, an infantry force from Antiquity that employed similar tactics and bore a distinctive shield called a “thyreos”.

Thyreos are a light infantry unit conceived for forward deployment. Given Paradiso’s special environmental conditions, the Phalanx needed a unit that could quickly move to where the conflict was taking place and engage the enemy until the remainder of the force arrived. They’re considered a rapid-deployment unit with the skills to carry out special operations, a capability they’ve developed as a result of their special psychogenesis process and their specialized training with instructors from OperationS and the Sophistes of the Phalanx. Their mission is to inflict as many casualties as possible while their comrades in arms are still advancing, focusing on eliminating high-value targets so that the enemy will be demoralized when they see their best forces succumb even before the main battle has begun. Thyreos are the first thing that the enemies of the Phalanx will see, and oftentimes the last thing they will set eyes upon.

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    • Also mir gefallen die neuen Aleph sehr gut. Danavas!, Asura, Dakini Bots, Posthuman Mk4 bzw generell das neue HI Design. Das Operations Actionpack hat mMn auch super Figuren, gerade die Apsara ist richtig toll.

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