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Greebo Games: Neuerscheinungen

Greebo Games haben einige Neuerscheinungen für ihre Fantasy-Football-Range angekündigt.

Greebonewoct1 Greebonewoct2 Greebonewoct3 Greebonewoct4 Greebonewoct5 Greebonewoct6

Wild coaches are you ready to gut some opponents!?🔥💥
Introducing Zoral Whitescales! His massive size is only matched by his bloodlust and his winnings.
Greebonewoct7 Greebonewoct8 Greebonewoct9 Greebonewoct10 Greebonewoct11 Greebonewoct12 Greebonewoct13 Greebonewoct14 Greebonewoct15 Greebonewoct16 Greebonewoct17 Greebonewoct18
🔥The moment has arrived…🔥
Agile and Lethal, they cometh from darkness to show their superiority on the pitch…
They care not for other races as not many can beat them.
Ladies and Gentlemen, dice rollers and lazy winners, it is with great pleasure that we announce to you we are converting into Greeblood the Obsidian Dusk team !!!
Quelle: Greebo Games auf Facebook

Brückenkopf-Redakteur und Miniature-Painting-Streamer. Wiedereinstieg ins Hobby 2015 nach sehr langer Pause. Spielt Warhammer 40k, SAGA, Star Wars Legion, Summoners uvm.

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