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FW: Mietlinge für Necromunda und Blood Bowl Rattenoger

Mit dem Koch und dem Hehler verstärken zwei weitere Mietlinge die Gangs in der Unterwelt von Necromunda, während mit dem Rattenoger die Teams der Skaven in die Arenen von Blood Bowl ziehen.

Forge World Slopper And Scabber 1 Forge World Slopper And Scabber 2Forge World Slopper And Scabber 3 Forge World Slopper And Scabber 4

Slopper and Scabber – 28,00 Euro

Gangs often entice specialists to aid them in their missions. As with any survivor in the underhive, these folks can hold their own in a fight – but that’s not why gangs like them around.

Food in the underhive rarely holds any joy. Most meals consist of corpse-starch or nutri-slime, supplemented with synth-fats and vitamin shots. As such, anyone who can produce ‘real’ food from the local flora and fauna can expect a steady stream of credits. They are usually keen to set up a kitchen in a gang’s headquarters – they get somewhere secure to store their wares, and the gang gets its share of leftovers.

Even the roughest backwater settlement is wary of dealing in illegal goods lest the wrath of the Guilders fall upon it. This is where Scabbers come in – men and women willing to deal in anything that might turn a profit. Scabbers are also useful when it comes to procuring illegal equipment, as they often have connections with the Cold Trade.

This kit is supplied in 15 components, and contains two finely detailed resin miniatures with 1x 25mm Round Necromunda Base and 1x 32mm Round Necromunda Base. The Scabber is armed with a shotgun in case one of his deals goes sour, while the Slopper can use his enormous cleaver to slice and dice more than just his latest dish. Rules for a Scabber can be found in the Book of Judgment, and rules for a Slopper can be found in the Gangs of the Underhive book.

Rules for using a Slopper in your games of Necromunda can be found in all of the following books: House of Blades, House of Chains, House of Iron, House of Shadows, House of Artifice, House of Faith, and Book of the Outcast.

Rules for using a Scabber in your games of Necromunda can be found in Necromunda: The Book of Judgement.

Forge World Rat Ogre 1 Forge World Rat Ogre 2 Forge World Rat Ogre 3 Forge World Rat Ogre 4

Rat Ogre – 27,00 Euro

Each Rat Ogre is a mass of mutated muscle crafted by Clan Moulder in an attempt to create the ultimate Blood Bowl Big Guy. These enormous, augmented Skaven have undergone numerous surgeries and modifications in order to become the savage beasts we see take to the field. Evidence of their extensive modifications scars their body – stitches decorate their hulking frames, knitting them together.

Add brute strength and unbridled aggression to your Skaven team with a ferocious Rat Ogre. When they’re not tearing apart the opposition with tooth and claw, they’re tripping players up with their prehensile tails!

This highly detailed 8-part resin kit makes one Rat Ogre model, and is supplied with one 40mm Citadel Round base.

Rules for fielding the Rat Ogre in games of Blood Bowl can be found in Blood Bowl – The Official Rules.

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      • Leider sind die nicht günstig, GWs Figuren (aber auch die Konkurrenz) sind im Vergleich in den letzen Jahren nur unglaublich teuer geworden. Die Beiden sehen aber klasse aus. Werde die mir wohl holen, um in bisschen Straßenleben auf die postapokalyptische Platte zu bringen.

      • Kann mich natürlich irren, aber ich finde die tatsächlich auch recht günstig. Resinfiguren, davon noch zwei Stück, wo man oft nur eine für bekommt und die Qualität ist momentan sehr gut bei den Forgeworld Figuren. Denke die kommen auch in meine Sammlung.

        (Nur um mich nicht falsch zu verstehen, günstig ist natürlich was anderes, vielleicht so die Hälfte, aber man ist ja schon hohe Preise bei einigen Herstellern gewohnt und da sind die eben im Vergleich ok.)

  • Hat der da ne Plasmawaffe als Brenner für seinen Kochtopf recycled?

    Design ist gut. Preis natürlich happig!

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