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Victrix: Preview

Victrix teilen ein Preview auf Facebook.

Victrix Preview

Here we have renders of the first Late Roman legionary in mail. The render is showing just a few of the numerous head and arm options that will be included in the new set.
This set will include both mail and scale armoured figures.There will be a variety of head and optional other parts to make these as Roman, Romano British or Germanic.
As we sculpt more figures we will show more of the versatility of this set. It will also come with a full command/character figure frame and you will also be able to cross fertilise the set with the forthcoming unarmoured Late Romans
Once we have done this set we will move on to the start of the Late Roman cavalry sets (plural) that we have planned.
For those who have been asking about horse archers for the Persians, these are in the works and we will show something in a few weeks and then do the heavily armoured Persian cavalry.
For details on other upcoming releases, head over to our blog – https://www.victrixlimited.com/blogs/news-and-media

Quelle: Victrix Limited auf Facebook

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