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FW: Blood Bowl Fungus The Loon und Bomber Dribblesnot

Die beiden Goblin Starspieler Fungus The Loon und Bomber Dribblesnot betreten den Rasen der Stadien der Alten Welt mit zwei neuen Modellen von Forge World.

Forge World Fungus The Loon And Bomber Dribblesnot 1 Forge World Fungus The Loon And Bomber Dribblesnot 2 Forge World Fungus The Loon And Bomber Dribblesnot 3 Forge World Fungus The Loon And Bomber Dribblesnot 4

Fungus The Loon and Bomber Dribblesnot – 29,00 Euro

Fungus the Loon and Bomber Dribblesnot have it made – these famous Blood Bowl players get to maim people in the match itself, then kick back and feast on mushrooms at half time.

Fungus is the ultimate fanatic, hurling a giant spiked ball and chain around the pitch that’s almost as big as he is. Where he’ll stop, nobody knows – not even Fungus himself – but if you’re lucky, it’ll be right in the opponent’s scrimmage line. Dribblesnot is somehow the more sensible of the two, despite being a pint-sized pyromaniac with a penchant for deadly explosives. He’s able to put an almighty spring in anyone’s step with his powerful rockets and bombs, and his mask’s large nose protects him from any blow-back – be it shrapnel or limbs.

These Star Players will play for any Badlands Brawl or Underworld Challenge teams that can front their hiring fees – just make sure you’ve got a health supply of mushrooms available.

This finely-detailed resin kit is supplied in 11 pieces and comes with two 32mm Round Blood Bowl Bases. All the rules you need to use Fungus the Loon and Bomber Dribblesnot in your games of Blood Bowl are included in the pack.

Quelle: Forge World


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  • Also ich muss schon sagen da finde ich die alten Fanatics und auch viele alten Bombermodelle um meinen besser. Schade, hier hat man es verpasst den beiden Starspielern einen neuen Anstrich zu verpassen. Wenn sie jetzt noch endlich Nobbla und Rippa nachliefern, können Goblins endlich was mit ihren inducements anfangen. Obwohl wie tatsächlich momentan einen Goblin Spieler in unserer Liga unter den Top 5 haben, was schon sensationell gut ist.

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