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Folk Horrors by Ana Polanšćak: Kickstarter läuft

Meridian Miniatures kollaborieren für diesen Kickstarter mit Ana Polanšćak.

Folk Horrors By Ana Polanšćak 1

Folk Horrors by Ana Polanšćak

a new collection of miniatures for tabletop gaming.

I am returning to Kickstarter with Meridian Miniatures’s latest campaign. This time I am here with a very special collaborator, Ana Polanšćak. This is the first time I will have run a campaign for another sculptor’s miniatures but when I recently heard that Ana was looking for a way to get a new collection of sculpts cast and released into the world I had to reach out and lend a hand.

Folk Horrors By Ana Polanšćak 2

These miniatures were inspired by creatures and costumes of European folklore, traditionally appearing around Christmas, New Year’s and at winter’s end. The twelve monsters of bell, horn, straw and bone are eager to stomp across your gaming table.

Ana Polanšćak is a miniaturist specialised in crafting heavily customised gaming and display pieces in a distinctive macabre style. Her work is focused on creating grim, immersive worlds through tabletop miniature projects. This encompasses everything from modelling, sculpting, painting, building scenery and crafting gaming paraphernalia, to writing, game design, graphic design and miniature photography.

I have been a fan of Ana’s work for years and am pleased to be able to support her work being shared in physical form with all that back this project.

Folk Horrors By Ana Polanšćak 3

Scale comparison

Die Kampagne ist bereits finanziert und läuft noch 5 Tage.

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Seit 2010 im Hobby. Aktuelle Projekte: Herr der Ringe (Harad, Khand und Ostlinge), Saga Ära der Magie (Die Untoten Legionen), WarmaHordes (Crucible Guard, Söldner und Circle), Summoners (Erde), Konflikt 47 (Briten)

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  • Eines Tages werden die soviel Wert sein, wie die alten Citadel-Modelle! (VIELLEICHT)

    Super geil, Ana P. macht ganz ganz tolle Sachen; ihren Blog (gardensofhecate com/blog/) hatte ich im Jahr 2020 des Herrn Covid entdeckt, grandios! Sehr inspirierend.

    Danke fürs bewerben!
    So Indipendent-Mini’s ist ne coole Nische im Nischen-Hobby
    (im würde man von Underground sprechen)

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