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Fallout Wasteland Warfare: Neuheiten

Es gibt Neuheiten und Previews für Fallout Wasteland Warfare.

Crop Copy Of GunnersCoreBoxset FO Scene RGB 150dpi
Fallout: Wasteland Warfare – Gunners: Core Box
The Gunners are the most organised mercenary group in the Commonwealth, and they’ve garnered a reputation as bloodthirsty, unscrupulous fighters. They claim to be soldiers for hire, but much of the Commonwealth views them as little better than raiders, a militarized gang of thugs with delusions of grandeur. These well-organised soldiers of fortune are a threat that cannot be ignored by anyone venturing into the Commonwealth.
  • 1x Gunner Commander
  • 1x Gunner Sergeant
  • 2x Gunner Privates (with 2 weapon options)
  • 1x Gunner Conscript (with 2 weapon options)
  • 5x scenic bases

Crop Scenic RailroadCoreBox Scene Commonwealth FO RGB 150dpi

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare – Railroad: Core Box
The Railroad are the most secretive group active in the Commonwealth. They protect synths and attempt to spirit them away from the Institute, who the Railroad view as nothing more than slavers. Synths, to the Railroad, are the equal of humans and deserve to live freely. Their current leader Desdemona has been a revolution for the Railroad, pushing their operation to new heights, and serving as a beacon of hope for all synths dreaming of freedom.
  • 1x Desdemona
  • 1x Drummer Boy
  • 1x Doctor Carrington
  • 1x Mister Tims
  • 1x Tinker Tom
  • 1x P.A.M.
  • 6x scenic bases

Crop Copy Of GrognakTheBarbarian Scene FO RGB 150dpi

The Legend of Grognak is well known throughout the Wasteland, the barbarian warrior who walks the world with sword and axe in hand, laying waste to monsters and villains alike. Despite his fearsome reputation, the ne’er-do-wells of the Wasteland never needed to worry about crossing paths with this iconic combatant, after all, what threat can a fictional character pose? Now armed with sword and axe, a man who calls himself Grognak strides into the Wasteland, eager to prove just how real he is…“
  • 1x Grognak
  • 1x scenic base

Copy Of FO Pack Decor Set Full Set B WhiteBG 1200px

Print at Home – The Pack: Animal Decor
The untamed raiders of The Pack have marked their territory in Nuka-World, and their home is decorated in their own wild image. Brightly-coloured animal costumes are sometimes at odds with their savagery and violence, and this same dichotomy is exhibited in their choice of home decor. In the hands of these butchers, even something as pedestrian as furniture is transformed into a nightmarishly adorable piece of brutal interior design. A brahmin couch sits next to a corpse chair, while mannequins dressed in mismatched animal parts look on. Although it may all seem like a feast for the eyes, don’t stay too long, or you may join the display as a dining table.
This 3D print product lets you print multiple themed pieces of scatter to create quirky home furnishings for wasteland domains. The set includes three types of lounge chair, a couch, and three different mannequins with bases. These peculiar pieces might grace the homes of Raiders, Super Mutants, or Survivors with eccentric tastes, or even sit eerily alone out in the wasteland.
Couch, Lounge Chair 01, Lounge Chair 02, Lounge Chair 03, Mannequin 01, Mannequin 02, Mannequin 03, Mannequin Base

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