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Corvus Games Terrain: Neuheiten

Corvus Games Terrain veröffentlichen Neuheiten.

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Sci-fi Shipping Container Hab Units


This is a set of completely modular 3D printable Sci-fi Shipping Containers in two sizes with 20 wall designs to choose from. Each wall design also comes as 4 variants so you can build your containers with windows, serving areas, doors, ladders, electrical conduits and more.

The single container measures 3″x3″ (76.2mm x 76.2mm) and so is compatible with games like Deadzone. The larger container measures 6″x3″ (152.4mm x 152.4mm). The end walls comes as a solid closed set of doors and an open frame variant to allow interior access. A small set of printable greebles is included to customise your buildings. A collection of printable signage is available for free on Thingiverse and Cults3D.


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Crisis City Miniatures Bases


A set of ten 3D printable urban themed miniatures bases in 35mm, 50mm and 65mm sizes. Five bare bases and five ‚dressed‘ bases with street furniture/debris.

Each base is supplied as a regular solid version for FDM printing as well as a hollowed version more suited to resin printing.

Compatible with Marvel Crisis Protocol

Corvus GT Neu Jan 22 2.png

Cyberpunk Chatsubo Building


A 3D printable 28mm scale cyberpunk influenced Chatsubo Bar building ideal for futuristic themed gaming tables. Prints as a lower floor, with the upper floor and the roof removable for interior play. Add colored acetate sheets behind the windows for a cool thematic look.

Combine all the components into a single building, or split into a larger and smaller structure. Both come with removable doors, with a removable roller shutter door on the back of the larger building. The upper building has OpenLOCK ports and spacings to attach the balconies and stairs from the Modular Stair Bundle.
Comes with optional clip-in bar signage, aircon and vent pieces.

Add some scatter pieces in the form of the Cyberpunk Street Scatter bundle for added scifi interest. Combine with the Cheap Hotel and the Red Dragon Ramen Bar for a great looking table.

Link: Corvus Games Terrain

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