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Conquest: Sea Jotnar

Für Conquest kommt ein ziemlicher Klotz!

The Sea Jotnar is coming!

Have you decided which model to paint for the upcoming Resin Beast competition? The biggest Resin Beast Painting Competition! We want you to be part of a world-class painting event that features a massive prize pool ($14,000 USD), trophies, and more brought to you by Creature Caster and Para-Bellum Games during Adepticon 2023! Para Bellum and Creature Caster encourages Painters and Hobbyists of all skill levels to participate. There will be adventures for everyone!

We look forward to entries from those that believe they are the best of the best, and from those that have just started their journey into this incredible hobby. This will be the most engaging and innovative miniature painting competition the world has ever seen.

To achieve these lofty goals, the incredible team at Creature Caster is joining forces with us to host this event. This partnership will truly take the Resin Beast to a whole new level!

Check out the new Resin Beast website: https://resinbeast.com/

And check out the available categories to enter: https://resinbeast.com/pages/categories

Außerdem gibt es im Merch-Bereich neue Shirts!

PB Conquest Merch Shirts 1 PB Conquest Merch Shirts 2 PB Conquest Merch Shirts 3 PB Conquest Merch Shirts 4

  • Legacies of the Ark – T-Shirt Price € 28.99
  • Cult of Death – T-Shirt Price € 28.99
  • Fallen Divinity T-Shirt Price € 28.99
  • Cult of Famine – T-Shirt Price € 28.99
Quelle: Para Bellum

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