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Comet Lord Miniatures: November Patreon

Riesen sind das Monatsthema bei Comet Lord Miniatures.

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November 2022 Release Preview

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Marcelo, The Perpetual Great Knight!


The commanders of The Perpetual Order of Saint Maximilliano are known as Mercedes, Marcelo and Melchor.

Marcelo, is an undead death knight that serves Saint Maximilliano. Like his fellow commands, Marcelo is one of the most deadly warriors of The Perpetual Order of Absentia.

Tales of Marcelo tell of a looming giant of a man that can crush foolish warriors with his gauntlet encased hands. Standing well above his kin and most mortal kind. He swings a great bell of the old chapels of Absentia as a brutal weapon to crush his foes. Outside of battle, tales tell of his hulking form standing in complete silence like a statue.

He willingly sacrificed his sight to Saint Maximilliano to ascend and serve him as a great death knight. Upon losing his sight and life, he was placed inside his new signature armour that hides his undead nature. Upon the mask of his helm, it depicts angelic hands covering his eyes which he will never be able to use again.

To combat his loss of sight, the bell he wields as a weapon is magical artifact that aids him in locating his foes. The ringing of the bell shatters magic that would attempt to silence it, as all should hear the chapel bells of Absentia and his Saint.

However, he has adapted to use sound to perceive his surroundings. His keen hearing can either pick up on the sounds of his foes or detect the ring of his great bell reverberating off their forms. Hiding from this giant knight is a near impossible task, even without his sight.

Miniature Information

Marcelo sits on a Large (50.8mm / 2 inch) base.

He comes in 3 poses

He also includes a bust and spiritual weapon

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The Knights of The Perpetual Order!


In the lost golden city of Absentia, chosen undead are worshipped  and treated as royalty. The undead populace are commanded by His Holiness, Saint Maximilliano – The Grand Pontiff of Absentia, The  Anointed One and The Last Saint of Margo.

Knighthood in Absentia is to join his military, The Perpetual  Order. An undead legion of devout soldiers clad in ornate armour and  infused with the magic of their Saint.

Each knight has the emblem of Saint Maximilliano on the front of their helms, but still ultimately masks their true nature beneath. Like the commanders, their armour depicts angelic hands and faces. However, The Perpetual Order knights have not given up abilities or senses to join the order. Instead, they are simply watched over and guided by their divine Saint.

Miniature Information

Each knight stands on a Medium ( 25.4mm / 1 inch) base.

The knights come in 5 poses, each with 2 weapon load outs – Halberd or Sword+Shield.

This also comes with 2 spiritual weapons and a bust.

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Vrathus, The Cinder Smith!


Few craftsmen have come close to the work of the great fire giant god of smithing, Brandr. Vrathus has made it his pursuit to obtain that level of craft and even surpass it if that is even possible.

Adventurers that have found his workshop are met by the thick smokey air of the everburning forge and sounds of metal being shaped by skilled hands. He seems to always be working on a new project and when he gets visitors, he usually views it as an interruption of much more important tasks. So once adventurers have managed to pry his attention from his work, they are met with a long sigh and his deep voice reverberating through the building.

„What is so important that you felt the need to bother me?“

He makes no attempt to hide that he finds social visits annoying at best. He is not here to make friends – he wants to make legends. With having dealt with his fair share of would-be heroes thinking they deserve his craft; one may call him jaded or apathetic.

His hulking form carries the flame of his living forge within his maul that could crush most mortals in a single strike. However, once one looks past him being a fire giant with a deadly weapon – one can see that he values his craft. He wears intricate plates of armor, weaving ancient designs from giant culture and more. At all times he carries his tools – just in case.

Most of his kin are much more hostile than Vrathus. He sees very few as actual threats to his life and is willing to utterly decimate anything that threatens him or his work. He would prefer to trade his skills for wealth and materials, but only with those who are worthy to wield his craft. His greatest joy would be to craft an artifact that would be known throughout history. Like a blade that could slay a god or armour that could ward off any spell.

Miniature Information

Vrathus sits on a Huge (76.2mm / 3 inch) base.

He comes in 4 poses

He also comes with 2 spiritual weapons – Hammer and Anvil

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Volrik, The Giant King!


The first true king of the giants, he gathered all of his kin under one banner against all that would oppose them. Some supported him without question, others feared the power he wielded. Tall he stands in ancient armour crafted by stone and fire giants that pledged themselves to him.

He found a powerful artifact that anchored elemental plane of air to the material plane, The Storm Heart. As soon as he picked up the artifact an incredible surge of elemental energy nearly killed him as his gauntlet was disintegrated and scarred his flesh.

After years of conquest, the Storm Heart was stolen from him. Unable to wield the unfathomable power he used to, his sky fortress landed in the frozen north. Volrik still commands a great force of giants that any nation should fear. With the Storm Heart, he could bring his forces anywhere he wishes to conquer. So his conquest has been halted for years as he searches for the artifact and those who plotted against him.

Miniature Information

Volrik stands on a huge (76.2mm / 3 inch) base.

Includes a new updated base

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Kargaath, The Goliath Brawler.


Kargaath, Warchief of the Issgardian clans. Despite his age, he stands second to none and has defeated many with his bare hands or a pair of adamantine gauntlets. Undefeated, the clans respect his rule without question, those that dare challenge him will face him in battle.

He is not one for telling tales, but legends say that he challenged an ancient white dragon to one on one combat. All the treasure the clans hold and the thrill of killing prey such as Kargaath was enough to convince the dragon. However, if it lost it would be in debt and wouldn’t harm those of Issgard as long as Kargaath’s heart beats.

Kargaath still stands and the clans still hold their treasures, so one can assume the outcome – especially with the dragon teeth on his belt. Kargaath has yet to face a foe that warranted calling upon the ancient dragon.


Kargaath stands on a Medium (25.4mm/1 inch) base.

He comes in 4 poses, each with 4 versions – Combinations of Long Hair/Bald and with/without his beard.

Also included a gauntlet spiritual weapon.

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