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Artisan Guild: Golemmar Gnomes

November ist auf dem Patreon von Artisan Guild Gnomzeit.

Gnomes of Golemmar

Hello friends!
I’m extremely happy to finally being able to share the trailer of the next 3d printable set with you!
In november, we will venture into the depth of Mundus to uncover the secret of a true ancient civilization, the Gnome of Golemmar.
As I mentioned in the current monthly post, the Golem donated to the Arcanist Guild in Eldanar (that you probably have already printed) had been fabricated by this folk in the labyrinthine city of the depths.

The Gnomes of the Depths

I wanted to make something different from the previous beetroot Gnomes, and go for something a bit more dramatic exploring a way to make some unique Gnomes that would be perfect as miner, artificers, engineers, warriors, and dweller of the depths.

Inspired by the ancient Civilizations

I opted to get inspired by the ancient Mesopotamian civilization, and exploring various ideas I decided to name the Gnome Heroic-King Gilgamesh, and to make a majestic Lamassu as Epic Boss, also compatible with the proud Queen Isthara, the Warrior-Priestess as her heroic Mount.
The regular mounts are more inspired to the popular digger creatures of common rpgs, but twisted as giant arthropods fully compatible with the Zeek of my universe.

Fully Customizable Figures for all Enviroments

I want to mention that every character is customizable to be fully compatible with both fantasy and sci-fi enviroments, as I made both regular miner backpack and powered steam backpack, regular weapons, lanterns, and even power steam gauntlets wich are compatible with most of haracters of the previous 42 sets!

Get the Gnomes of Golemmar on Patreon and tribes during November 2022!
The full lore will be published as always in the Monthly release post!

Artisan Guild November Patreon

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