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Cobramode: Neuheiten

Cobramode zeigt die Januar-Modelle.

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Cobramode – Februar Neuheiten

Happy Lunar New Year! It’s the Year of the Tiger, and here at the Cobra HQ, we’re wishing everyone a happy and prosperous 2022.

Thank you to all of our patrons who have been supporting us and making it possible to produce our unique and strange minis. We could never have gotten this far without you, and it’s even more clear now that we’re on Collection 24! It’s been almost 2 years since we started, and the whole journey has blown our expectations out of the water. The support from you all has made it possible for us to choose creativity in our lives, and we’re so happy to share that creativity with you. Special thanks also to everyone posting their paints and prints on social media; we get excited every time we see a new one, because one of the coolest things about running this Patreon is seeing how the sculpts have inspired others! Keep spreading the Cobra Love 😀

This month’s collection is all about Tengu, specifically this band of outlaw Tengu (the Yugiri Outlaws), who hide in the bamboo forest of the same name. This ragtag band of thieves and vagabonds are lead by none other than Usagibo, the child prodigy favored by the Bunny Mask Yokai of the forest. Each of these characters has their own story to tell, and I think this would be an awesome encounter for a creative DM, whether they come in purely as enemies, or as an uneasy alliance to help them on their way to a greater purpose. We also have TWOsurprise minis for the Lunar New Year that will get unveiled on the 1st 👀

We strayed a bit far from most of the concepts that Paul provided for this month, but kept the overall feel of the group sketch he made. I don’t want to show it because we might end up using those designs for future tengu! Kotenbo, the mask-on-mask tengu, is the closest match to his sketches, while Erin took the size ratios of the others and ran wild with it.

TheBetaMarie has once again done a fantastic job with the bases and scatter this month, with the wonderful thematic bases that can be printed supportless (flat on the build plate)! The Torii Gate will require supports due to the giant tassels, but the supported file for that should be arriving soon. Lovely renders were created by Calrais, as usual.

This month we have a Cross-Promo with Goonmaster, but not for his patreon… It’s for his Basing Bits Kickstarter! He’s generously offered some samples for our patrons to try, and is about to launch his Kickstarter for even more. I know how much fun everyone has with our 40pc Decorations Pack, so I’m sure this will be a great way to expand your kitbashing capabilities.

Ben has recruited a crack team of stat-makers, and they’ve been working hard on some really cool mechanics for the Yetis. We’ll try to fill in the stats as we go and play catch up. Thank you so much for your patience as we work through the stats backlog! Part of why it takes so long is that Ben is so committed to making an interesting, quality stat for each  mini. Each one gets vetted rigorously with other DMs to make sure the CR is correct and the gameplay is cinematic, fun, and on theme with the lore. It’s really quite the process, and I’m glad that he’s getting some help now!

On the custom storage site front, our developer had some time constraints last month, but hopefully we’ll see more movement soon. Unfortunately he’s working on this in his spare time in between projects, so it’s been slow going!

After consulting with Adli from Naga Minis (he walked me through how MMF sharing works), I’ve started loading the back catalog into MyMiniFactory, starting with Collection 01 (March 2020). I’ll be slowly adding more as I go, to help backup the old collections while our custom storage site is being built. I really want our site to be awesome and have lots of features that you can’t get from MMF, but I also don’t want people to be left out while it’s getting developed. Hopefully this will be good for the interim while we build out a really cool system for our patrons 🙂

Now, for the LORE! To read our full CobraCompendium and see the numbered listing of all our minis, check out this doc: https://bit.ly/3om6snO

Usagibo – Daitengu Outlaw
Usagibo is the young leader of the Yugiri Outlaws, a band of thieves who attack travelers who pass through their territory in the misty bamboo forest that they take their name from. Despite her youth, she is recognized as a tactical genius. Her bunny masked Yokai companions have raised her ever since she was abandoned as a baby in the Yugiri Forests, and some say that their favor gives her special powers.

Bunny Mask Yokai
Nobody knows what lies beneath the cute bunny masks of these long-tailed Yokai. If the legends are to be believed, their true faces are horrifying to behold, and will cause anyone who sees it to be cursed. These Yokai are not generally dangerous however, and are known to be playful, mischievous, and rarely helpful. They are well-respected, as all Yokai are, and harming or harassing them is heavily frowned upon by the locals.

Zenkibo – Daitengu Outlaw
A giant among the Tengu, Zenkibo has always been thought of as a brute. Though he admittedly enjoys smashing things with his humongous tetsubo, he’s no fool. Some tease him for being slow, but he just prefers to think things through before he makes a move. He recognizes Usagibo’s rare genius, and is happy to act as the brawn to back up her brains.

Sojobo – Daitengu Outlaw
The mysteriously ethereal Sojobo uses air magic rather than the traditional wavy swords of the Tengu. Her gigantic gunbai fan is often used to blow her enemies away, quite literally. She has shaved off her hair as a gesture of mourning, though she does not explain who she is mourning and why. All her companions know is that she has a deep hatred of regular Tengu society, and finds the life of a forest outlaw much preferable to her prior station in life – even though her elegant robes suggest she was somewhat better off than her peers.

Kotenbo – Daitengu Outlaw
An eccentric mad-scientist type, Kotenbo is frequently creating new contraptions to surprise her enemies. While her creations don’t always make sense, she certainly makes a lot of them. The multitude of masks she wears, for example, can each function as a puppet, their eyes rolling wildly to confuse any would-be assailants as to which one hides her real face (and striking a certain amount of unease into their hearts at the same time). Kotenbo joined the Yugiri Outlaws after her village became fed up with dealing with her inane inventions, and banned her from returning.

Lionhanzaki Promo.jpg Anka Promo.jpg Lny Promo.jpg

To celebrate the Year of the Tiger, Erin sculpted this new Tiger-folk mini, and TheBetaMarie sculpted these adorable Lion Dance Hanzaki (the second one is inside the lion’s head)! What a perfect way to celebrate the Lunar New Year 😁

They’ll be available inside the Patron Download Link when it goes live. Just look for the folder named „Lunar New Year Surprise“.

Happy New Year!

Valentines Promo.jpg

To show our love for all our patrons, here’s a little Valentine’s Day gift 🙂 TheBetaMarie sculpted this special Cupid Hanzaki just for you.

This Valentine’s card is just crying out for an awesome, punny caption. Leave your ideas in the comments!

To download the STL, go to the Patron Download Link dropbox and look for the folder „Valentines Surprise“:

Im März kommen folgende Minis:

Harukage Promo.jpg Grenadiers Promo.jpg

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Die Modelle der vergangenen Monate sind bei My Mini factory MMF erhältlich.

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