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Bad Squiddo Games: Neuheiten

Bad Squiddo Games haben zwei Neuheiten im Shop.

BadSquiddo Death

Death – 7,50 GBP

Brand: Bad Squiddo Games
Scale: 28mm
Material: Metal
Sculptor: Juan Montaño

Death! Death is coming. A single touch from the bony hand is enough to end your time in this realm, and a swoop of the scythe extra makes sure.

Death is one single chunk of metal, no fiddly joins.

Supplied unpainted. Shown painted by Warpfiend Studios

Cast in high quality white metal, one single piece mini.

BadSquiddo Graeae

The Graeae – 12,00 GBP

Brand: Bad Squiddo Games
Scale: 28mm
Material: Metal
Sculptor: Shane Hoyle

Sharing a single eye, these witches pass it along, holding up their ocular holes to see. The Graeae are so old that they can barely conceive the idea of youth and childhood. Sames.

These are from Greek Mythology and had their eye kidnapped by Perseus so they would tell him how to defeat Medusa.

Supplied unpainted.

Cast in high quality white metal, 3 single piece minis.

Quelle: Bad Squiddo Games


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