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Microworld Games: Neuheiten

Microworld Games präsentieren ihre Neuheiten auf Facebook.

Microworld Games Neuheiten 01 Microworld Games Neuheiten 02 Microworld Games Neuheiten 03 Microworld Games Neuheiten 04 Microworld Games Neuheiten 05 Microworld Games Neuheiten 06 Microworld Games Neuheiten 07 Microworld Games Neuheiten 08

Some new 6mm Renaissance items are up in the store and the Etsy shop today. Filling out the landsknechts with some sword and buckler infantry as well as „stood“ arquebusiers for folks that want to make diorama bases or marching formations.
Also released are several generic Renaissance infantry packs that can be used for various factions during the period, mercenaries, Italians, etc. They also double for great generic fantasy human troops. All models sculpted by Martin Baker.


Quelle: Microworld Games auf Facebook


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