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Anvil Forge: November Patreon

Diesen Monat gibt es bei Anvil Forge schwere Jungs.

AF November Diesel Punk Exo Lords 9

Hello Patrons,

Here are some preview renders of next months Diesel Punk Exo-Lords!

AF November Diesel Punk Exo Lords 1 AF November Diesel Punk Exo Lords 2 AF November Diesel Punk Exo Lords 3

These miniatures will be supplied in our larger 40mm Exo-Lord scale, but the advantage of 3D printing is that if you want to scale them down to print heavily armoured 32mm miniatures, that’s very possible!

Look out for full details later this week!


Team Anvil

AF November Diesel Punk Exo Lords 4 AF November Diesel Punk Exo Lords 5

November Diesel-Punk Exo-Lords – Everything You Get!

Our first digital Exo-Lords release will be released very soon, so it’s time we revealed the entire bundle that you’ll be getting!

This is the first of a double month of Exo-Lord content. This month focuses on Diesel-Punk inspired elements and infantry weapons, while December, Month two, will expand the set with heavier armour, weapons and some more medieval-style options!

AF November Diesel Punk Exo Lords 10 AF November Diesel Punk Exo Lords 11 AF November Diesel Punk Exo Lords 12 AF November Diesel Punk Exo Lords 13

There’s 12 unique trooper heads for you to customise your Diesel-Punk inspired Exo-Lords this month, including high tech versions of our popular Brodie & Stahl helms, as well as commando berets.

AF November Diesel Punk Exo Lords 14 AF November Diesel Punk Exo Lords 15

You’ve got two complete sets of legs to choose from too, in either a lightened recon style, or the heavy „walking tank“ armour style!

Like the legs, there are two styles of body armour in the armoury and an alternative version with a raised gorget. Take note that the skull and rivets on the Torso and optional Shoulder Pads are removable shells (in blue), for those that want a cleaner, sleeker look.

AF November Diesel Punk Exo Lords 16

Alongside those, you’re getting an awesome V12 powerplant – for when subtlety needs to take a back seat to the intimidating growl of an engine at full speed. Alternatively there’s two variants of powerplant to suit more practical purposes, like storing ammunition for the belt fed assault weapons!

You’ve got two sets of arms that both feature the stocks as separate shells, allowing you to model your troopers with rifles, or stockless carbines. One version has a belt to feed the weapon with ammunition from their backpack, while the other allows for the use of a drum magazine, or any of our cast-in-resin magazines!

AF November Diesel Punk Exo Lords 17 AF November Diesel Punk Exo Lords 18

Three different rifle options await; the MG40-042, Maxim 08/15, or the experimental Electrothermal Ion Cannon.

Add to that the option of a service revolver and chainsword, dagger, spare ammunition drums, pineapple grenades and a satchel charge, alongside the requisite set of melee & pistol arms, and you’ve got everything you need for your troops to storm any pillbox or trench network that stands in your way!!

AF November Diesel Punk Exo Lords 19

Below you can see some command options to lead your troopers into the breach – You can choose the leadership of a veteran lieutenant, in either a peaked officer’s cap, or plumed high-tech Stahlhelm.

Alternatively you could recruit the support of a Electric energy wielding Hex Lord – a dangerous wildcard to be sure, but effective none-the-less.

AF November Diesel Punk Exo Lords 20

Here’s a composite view of all the different components you’ll find in the download pack:

AF November Diesel Punk Exo Lords 21

And with that, we’ll leave you with a few more examples of possible configurations for these mighty warriors!

AF November Diesel Punk Exo Lords 22 AF November Diesel Punk Exo Lords 23 AF November Diesel Punk Exo Lords 24 AF November Diesel Punk Exo Lords 25

The download links for this month’s Exo-Lord release will be going live a few hours from now!

We always test print all our components, and this month we’ve also done some scale tests to confirm it’s viable to print the Exo-Lord miniatures at regular human/ Regiments scale.

The main image above, and also below, are full-size 100% scale prints on a Phrozen Mini 8K machine.

AF November Diesel Punk Exo Lords 6

In the next image, you can see an assembled model printed at 100%, 90% and 86% which is close to our standard Regiments scale.

AF November Diesel Punk Exo Lords 7

Below: the 90% and 86% prints next to a standard size Regiments Haz-Mat operative.

AF November Diesel Punk Exo Lords 8

The proportions and joint system for the Exo-Lords range is slightly different, so it’s not possible to directly mix and match components with the Regiments range, but you can print the Exo-Lords as well-armoured regular humans just by scaling down!

The Standard Pre-Supports work well at 86%, and should work fine down to 75% based on previous tests we have done.

If you want to mix and match Regiments and Exo-Lord parts on the same miniature, we would advise doing this with digital assembly/kit bashing. We will try and get a demonstration video uploaded showing some simple techniques in Blender.


Team Anvil

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