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Wyrd : The Damned Preview

Wyrd zeigt eine Preview für The Damned.

Wyrd Waldo's Weekly The Damned 2 Wyrd Waldo's Weekly The Damned 1

Wyrd – Waldo’s Weekly The Damned

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, we found Waldo in a not-so-empty office, as it was filled from floor to ceiling with foam fingers from every sporting event you could think of. While we appreciate him finally abiding by the new rule we had to enforce (“No bones, corpses, or anything resembling the undead in the office”), it clearly didn’t stop Waldo from following in The Damned’s footsteps in trying to become immortal. Based on the incoherent screaming, we’re guessing that it isn’t going so well.

So while we figure out what to do with all of this cut-up foam, let’s take a look at another upcoming Seeker (and Savage!) model, The Damned!

“He ordered their tongues cut out so none could challenge his throne…”

It pulled itself from a frozen tomb in the Northern Hills with twisted claws. Emaciated flesh hung from its bones; a rack of horns grew from a skull more animal than man. It took only a little mote of life to bring this lost creature back from the dead. The Damned’s first encounter with Jedza ended in a stalemate; the woman did not die, but without her presence the Damned would return to its frozen tomb. Each wanted something from the other. A tiny finger bone from Jedza allows the Damned to remain alive. If Jedza commands, it must aid her in whatever she asks.

Long ago, the Damned was the first to be remade into something more by the Tyrant December. This connection fascinates Jedza, especially since the monster has a darkness inside its long-withered heart: a hatred for December that runs impossibly deep. She shared rumors about a woman with dark hair and pale blue eyes who had managed to survive the Tyrant’s gifts, as the Damned once did. Rage helps guide each new step it takes. It will return to the Northern Peaks. It will consume the magic of December inside His latest vessel and take its rightful place on the peaks. The Damned can only imagine how good her heart will taste.

He sure sounds nice.

Whether you play Euripides or Jedza, you’ll be able to add The Damned to your crew in May!

In the meantime, if you’d like to check out The Damned’s rules and stat cards, you can find them on http://www.malifauxcrewbuilder.com (or on the Malifaux Crew Builder App).

That’s it from us!

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  • Hach ja, Wyrd und die Malifaux-range… Junge, die Minis gefallen mir einfach extrem gut… aber es is einfach zu schade, die zu haben und mit meinen „nicht-vitrinen-malkünsten“ mir die dann ausschließlich in die Vitrine stellen zu können.
    Aber sowohl von der technischen Qualität als auch dem Design (was ja geschmacksache ist) hatte ich bisher nur Tolles von denen in der Hand

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