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Wyrd Games: Malifaux Burns Preview

In Wyrd Games kommender Erweiterung kommt der Burning Man nach Malifaux.

Malifaux Burns

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, we’ve let Waldo do his own thing. Was it a mistake? Well, let’s watch this trailer to find out:

Oh. Everything’s on fire? That seems fine.

Over the last few weeks, the incredible Wyrd community has helped us reveal some of our plans in how we are reshaping the meta of Malifaux. Through their channels, we’ve been able to showcase new titles for existing Masters, as well as new models that fit multiple keywords. And we’re just getting started; community reveals will continue up to September 10th, right before we head to Gen Con.

This week, we’re showing off Malifaux’s newest expansion, and the events that have transpired to bring us here.

In Malifaux Burns, the latest book for M3E, the Burning Man has arrived. For the last few years, the failed experiment of the former Governor-General has been causing havoc on Earth, warping mankind from the clouds above. His portals have opened in both sea and sky, letting loose creatures that even the most imaginative minds could not fathom. His path of destruction is random and without remorse, and now he’s here… back where it all started.

With this expansion, we have created new ways to play every keyword by re-designing Masters from the ground up. Not only do these titles create strengths where there were once weaknesses, but they also create questions for your opponent to ask as soon as the crew building begins. What version of Ulix is my opponent playing? Should I bring counters to his grow mechanics or his fiery pig steed? Which version fits the current pool of Strategies and Schemes?

We wanted to expand the ways you play a specific keyword or crew so that they are viable in more pools and are competitive in more instances, while also making existing Masters that don’t see as much play reach the table more often, as well.

Hidden information between players before the game even starts has been a staple in previous editions, such as through Upgrades and even scoring points. We’ve learned a lot from those iterations, and believe that this approach further pushes specialization of a single keyword, which keeps the barrier of entry low and tactical decisions high, while staying true to the many secrets that Malifaux has to offer.


Wyrd Games Malifaux Burns 1

Even from a lore perspective, with Malifaux Burns, we’re harkening back to the past to take another look at how we used to tell stories on a grander scale. Like First Edition, the story in Malifaux Burns will be broad and expansive, covering the details of what happened to the 8 Masters who have been corrupted by the Burning Man’s sudden arrival. It’s the largest single story ever written for a Malifaux book (because creating new ways to play 54 Masters wasn’t enough), and we can’t wait for you to experience it.

Let’s take a look at two of those corrupted Masters, and how the Burning Man is reshaping their story and how they play on the table.

Wyrd Games Malifaux Burns 2 Wyrd Games Malifaux Burns 3

Ever since she and her followers fled their home in the Quarantine Zone, Reva Cortinas dreamt of darkness. That darkness was like her former prison in the attic; she was trapped and unable to free herself. But from the shadows that consumed her dreams, a voice whispered out to her. A guiding light. A brilliant flame. Like Reva, her faithful followers are guided by the newly lit lantern, unafraid of the darkness beyond.

Reva’s new title is Luminary, a reflection of who she is as a leader and of the fire that guides her. While she lost her horse, she gained a vision.

Wyrd Games Malifaux Burns 4 Wyrd Games Malifaux Burns 5

For Anasalea Kaeris, she always embraced the chaos that an unruly fire could create. It was the never the endless flames that burned her. The stress and strain of Ramos’ absence, the rift between the Union and the Arcanists widening, and the Guild marching in and taking out freethinkers and mages alike… it had gone on for too long, and was too much a burden for anyone to bear. When the Burning Man came to Malifaux, it was only a matter of time before she broke.

As her title suggests, in the ashes of her former self, she was Reborn.

Wyrd Games Malifaux Burns 6 Wyrd Games Malifaux Burns 7

The Burning Man’s arrival woke latent magic in similar ways that many have experienced when crossing the Breach for the first time. His magic rent through reality and found purchase in vulnerable minds wherever he went. Deacon Hillcrest, who joins both Reva and Kaeris on the battlefield, is no exception.

If the Doomseekers on Earth were the selected few to spread the word of the Burning Man’s cleansing fire, then Deacon Hillcrest is the chosen one in Malifaux. To him, the city must burn so that it can be remade in the Burning Man’s vision. There are prophecies in those flames. Deacon is here to reveal their meaning at whatever the cost.

Wyrd Games Malifaux Burns 8

Thanks to the keyword system, we’re able to expand upon a crew’s story without having to rely on a single Faction to pull models and ideas from. When designing Deacon, and other dual-keyword characters like him, we found a space to develop interesting mechanics that bridge the gap between multiple keywords in unexpected ways without overwhelming players in this jam-packed release.

You can pick up the Malifaux Burns expansion book, the Embrace the Ember box, and more during Gen Con. The official release for Malifaux Burns and other Malifaux content will be hitting local game store shelves starting October 2021.

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