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Westfalia: True Monsters Kickstarter

Westfalia Miniatures sind wieder bei Kickstarter aktiv.

WM Westfalia True Monsters Kickstarter 1

I suppose every fantasy miniatures company eventually reaches the point when a mere owlbear isn’t enough anymore. In Westfalia’s case, that point was reached when Boris presented me with a giant gift! Still not sure how I deserve this, but I’d like to believe that trying to be a caring employer didn’t work against me. Hah! Next thing I remember is that somebody was asking „So what about a dragon then?“…

The Fey Giant

The sense of peace emanating from this hulking creature, the unique physique… this is the kind of character design that I’d like to see in movies.

WM Westfalia True Monsters Kickstarter 2

The Cat Dragon

This is a wyrm in the Germanic and Slavic tradition, and Boris has added a distinctive feline body structure and a face that has that cold yet keenly conscious expression that, at least to me, is quintessential for dragons.

WM Westfalia True Monsters Kickstarter 3

In addition to these 2 we have a large array of thematically connected stretch goals, and add-on’s. Please check out the Stretch Goals section below for a detailed overview.


There are 4.

  1. ‚Custom Pledge‘ allows you to choose from the add-on’s list.
  2. ‚The Fey Giant‘ gets you the giant with all related and unlocked giant stretch goals.
  3. ‚The Cat Dragon‘ gets you the wyrm plus all related and unlocked stretch goals.
  4. ‚Monster Mash‘ get’s you both monsters and all related stretch goals.

Stretch Goals:

We have 2 types of Stretch goals.

  1. Monster Stretch Goals: These will be unlocked and added to the related set if a certain amount of the big beasts are being pledged for.
  2. Campaign Stretch Goals: With reaching milestones, we will unlock items that can be added to your pledge. Some of them will also be added for free to the main pledge level if we reach certain numbers.

WM Westfalia True Monsters Kickstarter 4 WM Westfalia True Monsters Kickstarter 5 WM Westfalia True Monsters Kickstarter 6 WM Westfalia True Monsters Kickstarter 7

And here is the obligatory collection of images and videos including a little size comparison.

WM Westfalia True Monsters Kickstarter 8

This really is the top of the crop when it comes to what we’ve done at Westfalia so far, sculpting and also casting wise, as we’ve managed to limit the amount of splits to the major body parts and pieces. All of that while keeping – for example – the dragon’s insane double row of back spikes in one piece, rather than doing an ugly split in the middle, or even removing them. Wyrmforge really have worked magic on this one, and I am confident enough to call these 2 master pieces. The dragon also comes with a large scenic base.

WM Westfalia True Monsters Kickstarter 9

Infos zum Porto:

Postage for all the monster levels will be charged here on KS. Add-on postage, will – if required – be charged after the campaign in the pledge manager. This will mostly affect ‚Custom Pledge‘ backers.

And yes, these are heavy lads – the dragon alone weighs 250grams, and they come in many parts that need to be well packed and protected.

Basic postage:

  • Giant – USA 15C$, ROW 20C$
  • Dragon – USA 20C$, ROW 25C$
  • Both – USA 25C$, ROW 35C$
  • This should really cover 99% of all pledges.

Die Kampagne läuft noch 6 Tage.

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