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Warploque: August Patreon Preview

Auch diesen Monat gibt es beim Warploque Patreon Minis in 10mm und 32mm.

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Hey there, folks!

I am delighted to announce the next instalment for the Patreon. I’ve been working super hard on these, and I’m really happy to reveal them all to you! 😀

Heroic 28mm (32mm) – The Star Elven Host (Part 2)

In the final instalment of the two-part release, the Star Elves are a celestial themed warband that are perfect for any skirmish fantasy wargame. With 7 unique minis, they can even be ranked up for mass combat games too.

This set contains:

1 x Celestial Lammasu

4 x Star Elven Cavalry

1 x Star Elven Cavalry Standard

1 x Star Elven Cavalry Champion

10mm – The Beastfolk (Part 3)

For the final month of the 10mm scale Beastfolk, I’ve made you some reinforcements for June and July’s sets. As well as a pack of ferocious (and adorable) Warhounds, we have three Chariots for some extra impact. One of them even has a Packmaster! And finally, base on Scottish folklore, there are three Kelpies that would be great stand-ins for a number of different monsters in your 10mm wargames.

This set contains:

2 x Beastfolk Chariots

1 x Beastfolk Packmaster Chariot

4 x Warhounds (Warmaster Strips)

4 x Warhounds

3 x Kelpies

I really hope you enjoy printing, painting and playing with these models. The download links will be posted on the 2nd of August, once everyone’s subscription has been taken.

Both sets have their own tiers, but if you would like to grab them all there’s a dual tier where you save even more on them!

Many thanks, folks!

– Alex

Ein Monat kostet 10,00 USD (Entweder 28/32mm oder 10mm) oder 18,00 USD. (28/32mm und 10mm).

Link: Warploque Miniatures auf Patreon


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  • Die Elfen sind gewöhnungsbedürftig, gefallen mir aber eigentlich sehr gut. Der wahre Star aber sind die super knuffigen 10mm Beastmen.
    Werden die auch an druckerlose Sammler verkauft?

    • Es gibt zumindest einen Merchant Tier, ich würde daher einfach mal bei Warploque Miniatures anfragen wer Drucke der Minis verkauft.

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