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Malifaux & The Other Side: Previews

Ist gibt Previews für geplante Malifaux Modelle und die neue The Other Side Starter Box.

Malifaux Viktoria Chambers Twin Blades 1 Malifaux Viktoria Chambers Twin Blades 2 Malifaux Yan Lo The Spirit Walker 1 Malifaux Yan Lo The Spirit Walker 2 Malifaux Kenshiro The Tactician 1 Malifaux Kenshiro The Tactician 2

For More information on these characters, check out their reveal on the Malifaux University Youtube Channel:

Malifaux Anya Lycarayen Rail Magnate 1 Malifaux Anya Lycarayen Rail Magnate 2 Malifaux Toni Ironsides Union President 1 Malifaux Toni Ironsides Union President 2 Malifaux Drudge 1 Malifaux Drudge 2

 For More information on these characters, check out their reveal on the Steam Powered Scoundrels Podcast: Steam Powered Scoundrels Episode 36 – Goon Squad

Malifaux Sonnia Criid Unmasked 1

Last October, we released Malifaux’s 8th Faction, the Explorer’s Society, and their Faction book. This year, we’ll be adding something a little different, but will have a major impact on how Malifaux is played, and how crews are built.

Surprises, secrets, and crew building are all major themes in Malifaux. In the previous edition, we added special upgrades for each Master to provide them with specialized tools that slightly adjusted their gameplay. In Third Edition, we’re taking that concept a few steps further. In the upcoming Malifaux book, we are going to be releasing titles for every single Master in the game. Each new title will include new actions, abilities, and playstyles for that character.

So, what are titles, anyway?

You’ve already seen some titles in Malifaux, such as Chiaki’s “The Beacon” or Izamu’s “The Armor”. While these titles are mainly used for flavor, the upcoming titles for each Master completely shake up how that Master (and crew) will play on the battlefield.

When declaring Masters, you’ll continue to state that Master’s name to your opponent, but you won’t say which version of that Master you’ll be playing. Your opponent will have to consider other factors and make their best educated guess on which Master you might be bringing out for the fight, which will make their crew building that much more interesting.

Let’s take a look at one such Master title that will be released in the upcoming Starter Box for The Other Side (which includes models and stat cards for BOTH games!).

Malifaux Sonnia Criid Unmasked 2

Compare this title card to Sonnia’s existing stat card and you’ll quickly see the variances in play and function for her in a game. Sure, she still burns everything down to the ground (as we love Sonnia to do), but how she does it will depend on which Sonnia will be played.

Now take this overall concept and imagine the possibilities with every single Master in the game. Not only will these variances create new playstyles, but it also makes some existing Masters that are more easily-countered see more play. Every single Master will be getting this treatment with the upcoming book release (and more, but that news will come in another Waldo’s Weekly!).

But before we go, we wanted to also show how Sonnia will play in The Other Side. Whether she’s commanding her own Guild company or lending some help to another Earth commander, Sonnia will be a force to be reckoned with on the 4×6 field.

Malifaux Sonnia Criid Unmasked 3

The Other Side’s Starter Box will be releasing at Gen Con later this year. In it, players will have enough models to create two small introductory companies to battle against one another in The Other Side (or to be used to build upon existing Allegiances). Additionally, every single one of those models in the TOS Stater Box will also be playable in Malifaux as versatile Guild or Resurrectionist characters.

Let’s take a look at who will be facing up against Sonnia in the upcoming Starter Box for The Other Side: Kirai!

Malifaux Kirai Ankoku Envoy Of The Court 1

In The Other Side, Kirai will be commanding The Court of Two, a mysterious ghost army that has been slowly (and secretly) amassing spirits and secrets while waiting for the most opportune time to strike.

Malifaux Kirai Ankoku Envoy Of The Court 2

Kirai never faces a battle alone, and that’s no different in how she challenges her opponents in The Other Side. Accompanying her onto the battlefield is Ikiryo, her spirit of vengeance, and multiple ghost summons.

Malifaux Kirai Ankoku Envoy Of The Court 3 Malifaux Kirai Ankoku Envoy Of The Court 4

The Other Side’s Starter Box will include Gwisin and Enslaved Spirits for her to summon into the fray.


Malifaux Kirai Ankoku Envoy Of The Court 5

Included in the Starter Box is her new Malifaux title stat card, as well! She’s learned plenty on her own since training Binh Nguyen, and now she’s coming back to Malifaux with a vengeance (I had to make the joke – it’s contractually obligated when talking about Kirai). As the Envoy of the Court, Kirai will be controlling the swarm of spirits around her.

Malifaux Gatling Gunner 1

A while ago, we revealed the Gatling Gunners, an upcoming Guild unit that will be available in The Other Side’s Starter Box. You can find out what they’ll do (and look like!) on the 4×6 table in that Waldo’s Weekly, which can be found here. As you might already know, all of the characters (including the Gatling Gunners) in The Other Side’s Starter Box will include game cards for both The Other Side and Malifaux. You read that right: all of the models in The Other Side’s Starter Box will be compatible with Malifaux Third Edition.

While we already showed what they’re capable of in a large scale skirmish, today we’re taking a look at how these Versatile Minions will be helping out the Guild in M3E.

Gatling Gunners are usually deployed at the most dangerous parts of a conflict. Here, they can hold fast in fortifications while driving off enemy advances. While their endless supply of bullets can help keep just about any enemy at bay, the weight of their weapon of choice keeps them from tons of movement around the battlefield.

Luckily, they provide a ton of help for only 6 Soulstones. Is your Guild crew hurting for some card draw, big guns, or both? The Gatling Gunner can fill those voids with ease with their Camaraderie Ability, and of course, their Gatling Gun Action. Thanks to their Covering Fire Ability, their “spray and pray” mentality can end up being a boon, even if they don’t manage to hit their target, as another friendly model will get a chance to Interact without having to worry about being engaged. They’ve got some defensive tech, as well, with their Dig the Trenches Tactical Action potentially protecting nearby friendlies from pesky gunlines.

Let’s take a look at everything these heavy-hitters can offer by checking out their stat card:

Malifaux Gatling Gunner 2

Joining them on both Earthside and Breachside battlefields are the Guild Mages. Like their stationary friends, the Guild Mages are Versatile models that can be slotted into any Guild Crew with ease. These fortunate ranks in the Guild have been provided a rare opportunity: to use magic. Well, under careful and scrutinizing watch after years of decorated and proven loyalty to the Guild, of course. Why are they crossing over from Earth to Malifaux? Sometimes, in order to fight fire, you’ve got to use fire yourself.

Thinking about adding the Guild Mage to your crew? Let’s take a look at their stat card!

Malifaux Guild Mage 1

On the Malifaux table, the Guild Mage will provide both some healing and enemy disruption. Their Ability, Glory of the Guild, will allow them to heal a nearby friendly model 1/2/3 if any nearby model discards a card. That’s pretty helpful when you have it paired with the Gatling Gunner’s Covering Fire! Their Bonus Action, Disillusion, will help reposition opponents up to their Move value, which can help get a model out from a corner and into a Gatling Gunner’s line of fire (not to mention another opportunity to heal with its Drain Magic Trigger)!.

Malifaux Guild Mage 2

Thinking about adding the Guild Mage to your crew? Let’s take a look at their stat card!

If you’re looking to get into The Other Side for the first time or are a Malifaux player looking to expand your Guild or Resurrectionist model list, The Other Side’s Starter Box is a great opportunity to do both!

The Other Side Court Of Two Vs The Guild Starter Box

The Other Side Starter Box includes:

  • Sonnia Criid

  • 3 Guild Mages

  • 6 Gatling Gunners

  • Kirai Ankoku

  • Ikiryo

  • 9 Enslaved Spirits

  • 3 Gwisin

  • Tactics Tokens (and other tokens and Markers)

  • 2 Fate Decks (1 Guild and 1 Court of Two)

  • 2 Measuring Tapes

  • TOS bases and fireteam bases

  • Unit cards for The Other Side and stat cards for Malifaux

  • A Quick Start Guide that will teach you how to play The Other Side in minutes

You’ll be able to get your hands on this great deal soon! The Other Side Starter Box will be available at Gen Con and at local game stores shortly thereafter for just $100.

Inner Demons

Malifaux Asami Tanaka 1

Let’s take a look at the upcoming title for Asami: Takusen!

Asami has learned a great deal about herself and her capabilities since she was first introduced into Malifaux in Ripples of Fate. Thanks to the guidance of Yan Lo, Asami has found a deeper understanding in her connection to the Beyond in ways that she never could have imagined without his lessons.

Where shame and fear once consumed her, now confidence and control have taken their place. With Amanjaku’s sudden silence – largely due to quelling the warlord Lingxuzi, Asami has embraced a blissful calm and quiet. In this temporary peace, she has found a rare opportunity to focus on what she once feared, and to limit Oni from crossing over from the Beyond and into Malifaux.

She still has a great deal to learn, but she is no longer a puppet to demons from another realm; the power she wields now is hers and hers alone.

Malifaux Asami Tanaka 2

Mechanically, Asami will be taking a break from summoning and will instead focus on keeping her Oni crew on the table by maintaining a stronger control over her Flicker Tokens without having to lose health in the process. Her new Ability, Flickering Lanterns, will allow her to peel off a Flicker Token from a nearby Oni with ease. Unstable Rift, a new Trigger on her melee Action, will give her another opportunity to keep the Flicker Tokens down, as well as reposition her opponents with a Rift Marker.

Speaking of Rift Markers, her new Dimensional Rift Ability will have her Placing her Oni all over the battlefield so that they can get a leg up on the competition. To get those Rift Markers in the most opportune positions, though, Asami will have to utilize her new Action, Into the Beyond, which will send out a Shockwave from the Marker to dish out some damage and potentially reposition nearby opponents (thanks to the Pulled In Trigger).

Seeing a trend here?


Malifaux The Dreamer 1

let’s take a look at another upcoming Master title – the Dreamer, Insomniac – as well as a character who will be joining his (and Asami’s) crew!

As you may have noticed in his art and title, the Dreamer has been having difficulty, well, dreaming. Sleep was once a refuge, a place to escape and play games. But since losing his father to the chaos that has broken out across London, the Dreamer’s rebellious phase has been replaced by weariness and anxiety. Chompy tries to assure him that nothing is wrong, and to go back to sleep, but there’s something that his friend isn’t telling him…

On the table, the Dreamer’s sleeping troubles are reflected by his constant nature to rapidly exist and then not exist in Malifaux via his Bury mechanics with Abilities such as Drifting Off and Insomnia. While he is still a card manipulator at heart, his Peer Into Dreams Action takes a different approach by discarding cards from his opponent’s Fate Deck rather than his own.

Let’s take a look at just how much a lack of sleep can change how the Dreamer plays by looking at his stat card:

Malifaux The Dreamer 2

Last week, we revealed Asami’s title and how her summoning mechanics have been replaced with positioning and teleporting mechanics. One character that is taking full advantage of the drastic changes in both Asami’s and Dreamer’s lives is Lady Yume, an ancient noppera-bō.

Malifaux Lady Yume 1

These oni are devoted to generating unrest and consuming fear across worlds by stealing faces and features from their victims, but Lady Yume is something far greater. She comforts her victims, singing lullabies that infest their thoughts, and when night comes, she follows her songs into her host’s dreams to take full control. When the time is right, Yume’s face splits apart to reveal the true horror beneath, and as her victims scream from the sight, she feeds.

With both the Nightmare and Oni keywords, Lady Yume will be joining both Asami and Dreamer on the table. In both crews, she provides plenty of utility by positioning her enemies with her Hole in the World Trigger and her Coil Around Prey Bonus Action while also utilizing the unique resources and Place mechanics of her allies, providing card manipulation through her Warp the Veil and From Two Worlds Abilities.

If you’re interested in seeing how Lady Yume works, check out her stat card:

Malifaux Lady Yume 2

Upon a Star

Malifaux Prof. Von Schtook 1

Let’s take a look at another upcoming Master title. This time, we’re staring at the sky above with Von Schtook, Stargazer!

It’s amazing how just a new perspective can shake things up. Thanks to Anna Lovelace livening up the University of Transmortis’ curriculum, Professor Albus Von Schtook has had the opportunity to crawl out from the Cistern Seven and enjoy one of his favorite hobbies: astronomy.

But when he stared unto the stars for the first time in years, what he saw was not the same starscape that he had grown so familiar. Something was very, very wrong… Oh, how exciting!

Malifaux Prof. Von Schtook 2

Rather than leaning on summoning as his previous version did, his Stargazer title brings him to new heights. Just as he looked out into the open night sky, Von Schtook is expanding his horizons with more versatility for himself and his crew to combat just about any situation, regardless of whether it comes from the battlefield or from the stars above.

We could go into detail and tell you everything this starstruck professor is capable of, but why don’t we take a look at his stat card to get a better view instead?

Malifaux Prof. Von Schtook 3

Lastly, many of you have wondered if these new Master titles will be receiving new sculpts. Of course! Do you think we’d miss out on a chance to put a headless zombie-turned-telescope into a miniature? To quote the professor himself: “Top marks, top marks!”

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  • Die ToS Starterbox als Crossover mit Malifaux finde ich ganz cool. Nur leider werden die Minis wohl schon zusammengebaut und aus PVC-Plastik sein anstatt die für MAlifaux üblichen Hartplastikgussrahmen…

    • Wenn es dich „beruhigt“: Ja sie sind wieder pre-assembled. Sieht man auf den Bild der Starterbox. Da steht 24 pre-assembled Minis.
      Mich persönlich hat das Material eigentlich nicht gestört. Die Läufe der Gewehre waren beim Entgraten etwas komisch aber ansonsten hält die Farbe da super und kaputt gegangen ist mir auch noch kein Modell.

  • The Other Side! Endlich geht es weiter. Dieses Spiel würde so viel mehr verdienen als ein Nischendasein. Die Starterbox kommt mir auf jeden Fall auch ins Haus. Hoffentlich kommen auch noch die im Regelbuch gespoilerten Fraktionen.

  • TOS starter box finde ich sehr spannend, aber die Qualität der neusten Malifaux Starter Boxen soll leider weniger gut sein( Fate Deck, Markers, Measuring Widget aus Pappe), filigrane Elemente der Minis müssen zurecht gebogen werden.

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