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Wargames Atlantic: Cannon Fodder Preview

Wargames Atlantic zeigt Previews des „Cannon Fodder“ Sets.

Cannon Fodder First Look

Matthew Leahy sent along some of his latest work on the next Death Fields‘ set: Cannon Fodder!

The Cannon Fodder are the dregs of the Death Fields sport: the washouts, the mental cases, the sole remaining members of depleted teams…and one final chance for profit by the owners.

Cobbled together into a horde and given basic weaponry, the typical Cannon Fodder bout is an ugly display of sheer numbers thrown at a standard roster team. Defeat is an almost foregone conclusion, but not always, and audiences often root for these men, women, and beings sent to fight to Real Death.

Here we have two examples of types of Cannon Fodder teams. First up is a true hardcase, perhaps one of the warriors who has finally succumbed to centuries of war and death and who refuses to fight any longer. Outfitted with a control collar, his actions can be manipulated by either the franchise itself or handed over to a lucky fan who gets to experience the Death Fields up close through the eyes of their player:

Cannon Fodder Orange

This second one is a more typical look for a Cannon Fodder team. Basic coveralls, helmet, and equipment.

Cannon Fodder Militia

This build will also make great planetary militia or near future 3rd world forces in your sci-fi games.

Coming soon to the Death Fields circuit!


Quelle: Wargames Atlantic

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