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Multiverse: NeonPunk Preview

Multiverse Gaming teilt ein neues Preview für die NeonPunk Serie.

Multiverse NeoPunk Preview 2 Multiverse NeoPunk Preview 3 Multiverse NeoPunk Preview 1

Multiverse – NeoPunk Preview

We’ll have a handful of new releases for the NeonPunk range later this month, starting with two variants of modular tenement buildings – one that’s more fitting for the shadier parts of the city (pictured here) and one with a clean, slicker look.
Both variants will include a selection of wall greebles, two neons (with four different acrylic signs to choose from per set), opening doors with acrylic glass windows, accessible interior (with prints on both sides of the wall) and about half a dozen variants of how just the two included floors can be stacked upon each other.
How do you like it?
Quelle: Multiverse FB
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