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Victrix: Weitere 12mm Previews

Victrix zeigen auf Facebook weitere Previewbilder in 12mm.

Victrix 12mmRussen Prev01

12mm Russian Infantry Renders
Here are the renders of 2 Russians dragging a Maxim.
Working on the firing Maxim next.
View the existing 12mm range here – https://www.victrixlimited.com/collections/victrix-games

Victrix 12mmRussen Prev02 Victrix 12mmRussen Prev03 Victrix 12mmRussen Prev04

12mm Soviets
Here are some new sketches for WW2 Soviet figures for the command and heavy weapons frame plus renders of the Maxim crew firing.
So we have some officers, a commissar, flag bearer, ammo carriers, 82mm mortar crews and 50mm mortar crews. These are being worked on now and soon we will work on the anti-tank rifles and the radio operator. This set should be sculpted in the next couple of weeks and then it goes off to the layup stage and then tooling.
View the existing 12mm range here – https://www.victrixlimited.com/collections/victrix-games

Quelle: Victrix bei Facebook


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