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THMiniatures: Ruinen

THMiniatures haben ihre Ruinenserie neu aufgelegt.

Alle Preise in kanadischen Dollar!

THM Ruins Set1+ The Pit 1

Ruins – Set1+ The Pit – $205,00

“Since the dawn of time, ruins of ancient civilizations have always fascinated most of humanity! From the young daydreaming child to the experienced archeologist to the treasure hunter, all turn their inquiring gaze to the slightest cut stone, pottery shard, or piece of oxidized metal… Well it’s the fantasy of the Lost City and of its magnificent buried jewels which is behind this collective enthusiasm for the legend or prophecy, no matter how obscure it may be! Though of course, the frantic quest for ruins which are as improbable as they are hard to locate will forever foster the historical curiosity of respected scientists, just as it will drive the selfish greed of shameless looters… Ruins always overflow with promises of glory for anyone who will dare brave the dangers of pulling them from the forgotten state in which they have hidden themselves, patiently waiting for the hour of their rediscovery!”

THM Ruins Set 2 THM Ruins Set1

Ruins – Set1 – $130,00

THM The Pit 3 THM The Pit 1 THM The Pit 2

The Pit – $80,00

“Suddenly, most of the warriors focused on the circular monument, and in its center, the enormous creature was making monstrous wheeling flourishes with a tree trunk which had been uprooted not long beforehand, throwing its opponents yards away… With a massive blow, he literally crushed the leader who had stood up on the tomb, thinking he could gain advantage of some sort over the beast… The broken corpse of the unfortunate embedded itself into the vault which broke in half under the violent impact. A few seconds later, the entire battlefield started to split and break away here and there, then with a loud crash, everything fell, burying stones and flesh… Once the dust cloud settled, all that was left was a bottomless gulf!”

THM Large Wall

Large Wall – $19,00

“The most audacious of the knights had relied too heavily upon their strength and mostly underestimated the strategy of their opponents… They now found themselves in a sort of cul-de-sac, surrounded by numerous ruins and barricades cutting off any retreat, and to make things worse, the enemy artillery started shelling them heavily. My cavalry is in peril, thought the young Captain, as he watched his valorous companions lose the early advantage of their charge! I have to lead them by example to pull all of us out of this tarpit… he thought! To his right, he glimpsed a usable breach in a large wall, and instinctively turned his steed in order to have enough headway to leap over the obstacle without being hindered… His troops followed as best they could… Their losses were thus much less significant and another battle would soon be able to start!”

THM Broken Statue

Broken Statue – $18,00

“The young archeologist kneeled to study more closely the pieces of an impressive broken statue … He started by making a detailed sketch including a series of measurements and other notes! When the head of the dig finally arrived, he observed at length the work of his assistant as well as his notes… How surprised he was when he noticed a particular detail on the drawing, went to check directly on a half-buried part of the statue… There was no doubt, he had finally discovered the famous site he’d been looking for for years!”

THM Ruined Floor

Ruined Floor – $18,00

“I’ve been lying here, immobile, and pretending to be dead on this cold stone tile floor, for over an hour now, all the while covered in the blood of my companion who succumbed to the lethal arrows of our enemies! I need to reach that large rock to my left, but then I’d be out in the open for about thirty feet… Their archers seem both experienced and accurate, maybe I should wait a bit longer so that dusk hinders their sight enough for me to escape this bloody trap!”

THM Ruined Tower

Ruined Tower – $17,00

The layout of this ruined tower will be an ideal place to shelter our sick, thought the expedition’s doctor. Many men hurriedly assembled an improvised bivouac with tent tarps and a few beams which were still solid in order to secure this zone away from the others… The doctor didn’t understand what illness his patient suffered from, but his first patient was quickly joined by three more. All were displaying identical symptoms, a sort of sudden hemorrhagic fever… How could these men be adequately kept in quarantine, and most importantly, how did they all catch this disease?”

THM Broken Column

Broken Column – $13,00

“Suddenly, the solid column which had resisted time’s constant assault, broke cleanly under the animal’s charge! The furious auroch was foaming and, despite the three arrows in its left flank, it wouldn’t stop turning in all directions. No men dared approach it to end its mad dash! Thankfully, one of our lancers, more agile than the others, was able to put an end to the beast’s suffering with a powerful throw of his weapon, he slew it with a precise and clean blow… The auroch snorted, then collapsed in the dust to the greatest joy of our troopers! But what the hell wasthat animal be doing in such an arid region?”

THM Small Wall

Small Wall – $11,00

“The soldier leaned over to examine a strangely gleaming metal ring set in the stone. Normally, it should’ve been deeply oxidized by the passage of time, but this wasn’t the case! Discreetly, the conscript pulled his dagger out in order to pry the object he coveted from the small wall, thinking that this metal could have a value of some sort… But not all that gleams is gold, and he would soon learn that sometimes it’s better to leave alone that which you know nothing about, as curiosity and greed are quite dangerous faults, especially when adventuring in the ruins of an unknown civilization!”

THM Broken Pillar

Broken Pillar – $10,00

“Could we not use these two pieces of broken pillars as a reference point to start making a map of the current situation? They seem to be somewhat distant from the rest of the site, which rather intrigues me… Well, preliminary sketches sound very promising to me and if everyone puts in a bit of effort, we could be able to finalize the first phase of our research as early as tonight… Remember, the faster we’re done here, the sooner we’ll be able to go home and enjoy what this interminable expedition has earned us!”

THM Buried Pillar

Buried Pillar – $9,00

“Decidedly, this young mercenary respected nothing and no one! As four of his companions were left in agony after our skirmish with these strange people who were protecting these ruins to their deaths, he stretched out on a half-buried pilaster for a quick nap… I’ll admit that his demeanor impresses me despite his flippant attitude, and the fact that he’s a berserker earned us a crushing victory! But when rage claims him and his axe flies in all directions, I wonder if it’s not more dangerous to fight at his side than against our enemies?”

THM Small Part Of Wall

Small part of wall – $9,00

“It’s over there, between those two wooden stakes and that large stone that I saw a humanoid form observing us intently! It was already dark, the sun had just gone down, and I’d have trouble describing it better, but I mostly remember its eyes, red as embers… That gaze made my blood run cold, there was nothing natural about that being, the only thing human about it was its appearance! May we never see it again during our stay in these ruins…”

THM Column Base

Column base – $9,00

“The dismayed colonel sat on the shaft of a column and held his head between his hands… How could I have been so naive and lose so many good soldiers devoted to our cause? Our information about these ruins seemed reliable, did we have an enemy agent undercover in our ranks who could’ve informed the enemy of our plans? I don’t dare believe it, as I personally selected each man in my division! There must be an explanation other than simple treason, but what could it be? No matter, I have to quickly reorganize what’s left of my troops to face the enemy counter-attack which will happen at any moment, now…”

THM Small Ruined Wall

Small ruined Wall – $9,00

“Look at the grass at the foot of this small wall! This is where the assassin dropped down onto one knee, and this crack in the brick was perfect for supporting his rifle; he must’ve been a crack shot to hit his target in the heart at such a great distance… I want these ruins searched from top to bottom, I’m sure he must still be here, his work isn’t over yet! Thanks to our commander’s sacred armor, the baleful bullet which was meant for him was slowed enough to spare his life. Let’s not give this agent of chaos another chance to endanger the life of our beloved leader!”

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  • Bemalt fänd ich die Preise schon stolz, unbemalt ham die ein Komma falsch gesetzt, glaub ich. Zumindest bei den großen Sets.

    • Du möchtest z.B. Set1 mit 12 Ruinenteilen für 13 kanadische Dollar verkauft bekommen? Das scheint mir ziemlich optimistisch zu sein… 😉

      • Nein natürlich nicht, ich finde schon dass das bezahlt gehört, es setzt sich ja wer hin und designed und gießt das, aber für das, was geboten wird find ich das viel. Das 130$ Set finde ich mit 70$ oder 80$ fair bepreist (hab den geauen Wechselkurs grad nicht im Kopf).

      • Aber letztendlich ist es ein Hobby, wenn sie Leute finden denen es das Geld wert ist, gut für sie, alles was ich sagen wollte, mir persönlich ist es das nicht.

      • Ok, nehm alles zurück, habe das kanadische Dollar nicht gelesen (danke Michael). Dann sind die Preise wirklich fair und ich will nix gesagt haben.

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