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Micro Mecha: Cold War Mecha

MicroMecha plant demnächst Mech-Designs für eine alternative Kalter-Krieg-Zeitlinie zu veröffentlichen.

Micro Mecha Cold War Mecha2

MicroMecha – MTA-70

WIP 001 – The MTA-70 was an American–West German joint project to develop a new main tactical armor during the 1970s. The MTA-70 was developed by the United States and West Germany in the context of the Cold War, intended to counter both the new generation of Warsaw Pact tactical armors developed by the Soviet Union and the nightmarish SHIVA horrors that were appearing unexpectedly and in ever greater numbers.
MTA-70 would be the first MTA in history to utilize a Vertical Take-off and Land (VTOL) propulsion system. This combined with an advanced MIM-147 ADATS integrated guided missile suite immediately made all previous Soviet designs obsolete, setting the bar for modern MTA development.
Micro Mecha Cold War Mecha3 Micro Mecha Cold War Mecha4 Micro Mecha Cold War Mecha1

MicroMecha – M66 Samson MTA

WIP 002 – M66 Samson MTA – 1st Generation US Army Main Tactical Armour. An original Cold War era mecha design. Based on the M48 Patton MBT. In my universe this ground pounder fought alongside M113’s and M48’s during the Vietnam War. Operated by a pilot, commander and gunner.
Comes equipped with as standard:
SS.11 Anti-tank guided missile system (complete)
Twin-linked 40mm Bofors Autocannon (work in progress)
Browning .50/Gunshield (complete)
1st Gen Infrared Searchlight (complete)
Link: MicroMecha FB
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