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Stormforge Minis: Untote auf Kickstarter

Es gibt druckbare Untote auf Kickstarter.

SF Undead Miniatures For Tabletop 1

I have created a set of 12 different undead miniatures. If more stretch goals are reached I plan on creating whole units of undead. for example, 9 archers, 9 swordfighters, 9 crossbowmen, 9 spearmen and 9 „other“. In the end there could be over 50 unique zombie miniatures for you guys to print! If this kickstarter is a great success I even plan on making cavalry and also skeleton warriors for my next Kickstarter.

You can find out more about who I am and what I do over at my My Mini Factory Page:


or on Instagram:


SF Undead Miniatures For Tabletop 2 SF Undead Miniatures For Tabletop 3 SF Undead Miniatures For Tabletop 4

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SF Undead Miniatures For Tabletop 5

Stretch Goals:

9 Zombie Archers 1000€

SF Undead Miniatures For Tabletop 6

9 Zombie Sword Fighters 1500€

SF Undead Miniatures For Tabletop 7

9 Zombie Spear Fighters 2000€

SF Undead Miniatures For Tabletop 8

9 Zombie Crossbow Men 2500€

SF Undead Miniatures For Tabletop 9

9 „other“ Zombie Warriors 3000€

SF Undead Miniatures For Tabletop 10

Die Kampagne läuft noch 27 Tage.

Quelle: Undead Miniatures for Tabletop


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