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Rubicon: 2021 Rückblick

Rubicon blicken auf das ausklingende Jahr 2021 zurück.

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2021 Year in Review It had been a difficult year for us at Rubicon Models. Lots of disruption in factory production, shipping and delivery, fuelled in large part by the COVID pandemic. It can be hard to feel optimistic when there are so many challenges ahead. Against all odds, we were able to get two waves of new releases out of our warehouse totalling 20 new plastic kits (13 already available and 7 in January 2022). As 2020 comes to a close, we would like to share some of our milestones this year… – Our total plastic kit count is now at 118 since our first release back in October 2014. – Despite all the disruption this year, we were able to push 13 new plastic kits out of the door (with 7 more waiting to get shipped after the New Year). – After the initial announcement of a new Vietnam & Cold War range in mid-2020, the first two Nam plastic figure sets will soon be able after the holiday seasons. – For our WW2 range, we currently have over a dozen projects in the work; and many of these projects should get released in 2022. – For our new Nam & Cold war range, we have over 20 working projects (mostly plastic) and a portion of them will get released in 2022 as well. – After countless tests and trial production runs, our self-contained manufacturing unit within our Hong Kong studio facility is finally operational. We will cover that in a later post after the New Year.

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    • Die Sets bis zum M4A3 sind ja alle schon veröffentlicht worden, die habe ich auch größtenteils hier liegen. Und wenn die für Januar angekündigten Modelle denn auch tatsächlich pünktlich erscheinen, weiß ich, in was ich meine Jahresendprämie investiere. Vor allem der PzKw II und die Vietnam Sets werden sehnsüchtig erwartet.

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