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Thunderhead Studio: Previews

Thunderhead Studio teilen ein Preview.

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Thunderhead Studio – Power Complex Preview

Adding several more options to the upcoming Hextech Power Complex terrain set.
The fusion reactor is one of the most efficient and powerful methods of power generation to those with the resources to construct and maintain them, composed of a large central reaction chamber and heat exchanger surrounded by a trio of magnetic field containment pylons charged by a series of plasma containers at the base of the main chamber.
Taking advantage of naturally occuring heat sources, though, is a far less resource intensive and fragile method of powering smaller complexes and residential areas. Geothermal heat exchangers placed in tectonic boundary zones can use the naturally occuring heat deep below the surface to convert water to steam with no further resource consumption.
Each of these units have connection points for the Hextech Industial Fluidworks pipelines in order to connect them with storage tanks, pumps, and the Hextech Industial Power Complex freestanding generators so you can construct a hex-friendly power complex of virtually any footprint or scale with modular components.
There are still a few pieces to add to this set before it’s ready for release, so keep an eye out for more updates before these files and prints are added to the Hextech roster at Steel Warrior Studios!

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